Reports: US mercenaries to fight «Daash» Iraq and pay $ 1750 a day

2 hours ago | wrote: Antar Farahat
مرتزقة بريطانياMercenaries BritainPhotography: Agencies

Publishing site «Warrior Scout» American, Sunday, report on, especially in the state of North Carolina, the US security company, is campaigning recruit fighters to former special forces to be sent to Iraq, apparently in preparation to send numbers of mercenaries to fight al «Daash», similar to what was done by the former administration of US President, George W. Bush, by employing mercenaries and private security companies to fight during the invasion of Iraq and subsequent years of occupation.

The site said «Warrior Scout» The remuneration supply ranges between 1250 and $ 1750 per day and the duration of the work between 6 to 8 months.

The outgoing US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, told a group of US military experts in Baghdad, early November, that there is a US proposal for the Iraqi government to send thousands of US troops to liberate al-Anbar province, west of Iraq, from the grip of «Daash» and handed over to the Iraqis.

But one American Iraqi army trainers, who attended the meeting Hagel, said that «the defense minister was not sure of the Iraqis to accept this proposal, and that the alternative is to increase the number of experts to train the Iraqi army. However, this latter solution may take years, even though it most Iraqis accepted. »

He said the US military expert, in an interview with Channel «Sky News Arab»: «the most likely scenario is based on private security firms and former military, or what is known as the (mercenaries)».

He added: «It is expected that the Iraqis refuse the entry of thousands of American soldiers to their land, while the second proposal will take a few years, so the best solution may be to rely on the US military experts as well as mercenaries of the nationalities of the other non-US».

He continued: «American experts will follow up the situation of the command center field and put plans in coordination with the Iraqi army, and then they give the plans for these private security companies, which the elements of the battle on the ground management and give instructions to the Iraqi army».

Explains request Employment Supplement news site, issued by the private security company «Raidun Takteix», that applicants will undergo training, in 2015, before being sent to Iraq by mid-February or March, and the company expects, to approve the contract with the party concerned, the end of this month.

The site said «Warrior Scout» The remuneration supply ranges between 1250 and $ 1750 per day and the duration of the work between 6 to 8 months.

The previously used mercenaries of US troops from private security companies heavily in Iraq and the number reached at some point to tens of thousands, and in particular of «Blackwater» company, which convicted of numerous charges of human rights violations, torture and kill unarmed Iraqis.

In 2007, four of the militants «Blackwater» 14 Iraqi civilians were killed and wounded 17 others in Baghdad, and was convicted of four by a federal grand jury mercenaries on charges ranging from murder and error, an incident that led to the imposition of restrictions by Iraq on the work of mercenaries belonging to security companies own.

Despite reports that the current Iraqi government, headed by a single-Abadi, stationed in Iraq, US forces granted special immunity to avoid prosecution, if they committed a similar murder, but Iraqi officials stressed that no immunity for US forces is that the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, awarded the American soldiers.

The British newspapers confirmed that British mercenaries headed to fight al «Daash» in «eye Arabs», Kobanî Syrian, beside protection units Kurdish people in the city.

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