Abadi is unable to complete the process of reforms for fear of whales call


07-12-2014 12:06 PM
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Since he assumed the presidency of the Iraqi government last September, and Haider al-Abadi focus of attention of everyone internally and externally he fumbles walks his way carefully for fear of committing mistakes frustrate hopes the authority to correct the fatal mistakes of his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, who lived Iraq during his period of 8 years lasted for days lean.
Observers say the steps Abadi, the prime minister is in trouble now after the reform steps bold taken in recent weeks that he can not first exclude all corrupt state institutions, military and civilian once given the difficult conditions that prevailed in the country .. versus secondly popular demands urgent to complete this process.
Observers point out that the slowdown Abadi in his career this reform may lose the popular tally and provoke him in the form of public opinion, which would lead to a relapse of his popularity. They say that the continuation of the reforms on the other hand will bring Abadi from Walker snakes and intervention in an unequal battle with al-Maliki and his followers they still make up so far no significant strength because Mtnfve Islamic Dawa Party still live Naim what lavished on them master Maliki positions and land and real estate and commercial deals to earn their loyalty In addition to implicating him they became serious corruption issues linked to its fate, leaving Abbadi lonely swim against the stream less sweeping Khosarath not return a call for representatives who arrived in office under Avcth.
Observers He adds that there is another dilemma facing Abadi, where he is currently facing blackmail some politicians who seek to exploit and put the embarrassment this in order to force him to make concessions to them, which makes it an open back Maliki and his followers in the face mafias corruption and influence also .. also comply Abbadi of the Kurds and their demands is Constitutional lose by being wide popular support enjoyed by so far. According to the writings of site
Therefore, observers believe that the al-Abadi said fumbles carefully reservoirs each step travels in order to correct the legacy of the past corrupt and be careful in the profit and loss accounts in each one of these steps .. and assert that it is not in front of al-Abadi, in this case only the showdown people and address it directly to his motives and causes every measure provides him all of its aspects and its aftermath the people to be synonymous with his supportive of the steps .. It is a companion will support the external position which enjoys broad support not received by the former head of government since the change experienced by Iraq in 2003 .. which is expressed by the US Secretary of State John Kerry in Saeb and accurate when he said NATO ‘NATO’ conference held in Brussels last Thursday (Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi wowed everyone Bouktoath reform in addition to that it has taken steps to root out corruption and unite Iraqis), a word of Iraqis are looking forward to their destination because Abehrhm Abadi also his ability to overcome all these difficulties faced by them and bring some Mitmahon him and look forward to him 11 years ago.




One thought on “Abadi is unable to complete the process of reforms for fear of whales call

  1. Well the whales have been waiting in Reno for over two years waiting on the same call!

    Don’t be afraid, dude! Just press the button!


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