Statement from the Office Of PM Abadi.

Submitted by Big Sekz-

We express our surprise to media declarations on immunity for American forces.

The remarks attributed to the US Ambassador are unfounded and surprising as there are no US troops in Iraq, there are only these instructors have diplomatic immunity because they are among the Embassy staff, and this consent was of the previous Government and were not current.

And that Mr. PrimeMinister Haidar Al-Abbadi said on more than one occasion that the country does not need a foreign ground forces and our security forces and the leadership of the popular crowd, achieved great victories in organizing terrorist daash.

Some are trying to exploit these themes, although denied by the US Embassy to personal goals and effects of public opinion and the political blocs after a campaign of reforms undertaken by the Prime Minister.
We invite everyone to make sure information is raised in the media before the launch positions, as the current Government adopted the principle of transparency and openness in any steps taken, and it will spare no effort to inform the public on the steps.

The Prime Minister’s information Office
6 December 2014


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