Abadi: we have achieved a historic agreement with Erbil and our regional evolved dramatically after it was expanded negative

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday that Iraq was able to develop its relations with regional and international after it was negative, stressing that Baghdad agreement and Arbil over oil historically earned by sincerity, noting that there is coordination between the military and the civil and social efforts to start the process of liberalization Nineveh and Anbar, which will not be far away.
He said al-Abadi told a news conference with French President Francois Hollande in Paris, “we met with French President and us Jaafari and al-Obeidi and Minister of Immigration to follow up on the bilateral relations between the two countries went less than 3 months of our meeting in Baghdad, and we thank the call to follow the evolution that took place between the two two meetings and there is a big difference and offers a large military forces on the ground, and Baghdad has secured fully after it was exposed to the military threat and today we move to the north and opened the land route president between Baghdad and down to Nineveh and we have made in cooperation with the Anbar tribes and there edit large areas of Diyala, which in Salahuddin and move to liberate all our land occupied by Daash.
He continued, “We have last week the formation of Nineveh operations command room, one of the important leaders even trying coordination between military and civil and social efforts to start the editing process, which will not be far away, and now pointing out that there are several important developments in the Iraqi political situation and there was a hope and optimism for the Iraqi people to improve Iraqi situation in the elimination of differences that were previously which unfortunately Daash tried to take advantage of it to disperse the people.
He noted that the reconstruction of areas devastated by Daash thing important because terrorism lives on the devastation and destruction, poverty and lack of people’s satisfaction and the economic conditions and areas where we began to liberate and found a problem in the financing of infrastructure and budget of the Iraqi reconstruction exposed to large earthquakes because of lower oil prices and halt oil exports to Iraq because of the dominance Daash areas in the north and to eliminate terrorism is a military action and economic and social part. “
He said that “terrorism threatens not only Iraq, but the region and the world and regional relations have evolved dramatically after it was negative, and we are still working to improve relations with the states because terrorism needs the concerted efforts of everyone and we found an understanding of the regional countries that Daash threatened and threatens the future and the reality of these countries.
And he finished by saying, “Haknna achievements on the level of the Iraqi home and signed a two historic agreement between Baghdad and Erbil in the production of oil and Peshmerga before a profit for all, and it was easy to agree to the presence of a sincere intention.
Turning to the recent government decisions, saying “we have issued several decisions with regard to the detainees and human rights and to be the weapon, however, the state fully and will not allow any bypass to arms of terrorists and militias to carry weapons because they threaten the security of the Iraqi state and society.
On the French-Iraqi relations Ebadi said, “our relationship with France’s strategy and we hope to continue to evolve at various levels which contribute effectively to the military action and defend the Iraqi situation by the French air force and spy planes French in mapping the movement of the enemy, and we hope, because this is a direct relationship and are more practical in addition to the development of economic and trade relations and Iraq need it.

For his part, the French president, “We seek long-term cooperation with Iraq and we want to participate in a number of policies on energy, transport, education and want to offer comprehensive support full political Prime Minister and militarily by the Humanist aircraft for the displaced and Allajnin, Mali, economist for reconstruction and it was said important that Abadi comes to Paris and am met with foreign ministers of the European Union in Brussels and got the support and dealt with the crisis, Syria and must be renewed cooperation to combat Daash.anthy


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