Iraqi Interior Minister: Police and militia will take over security in Baghdad

Baghdad « Jerusalem Arab »: raised Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban statement that his ministry is going to receive the security file in the capital, Baghdad, and to assign the militias and the popular crowd security tasks in support of the ministry, raised the reactions of the opposition by Sunni political forces.
The Interior Ministry statement has said «that the ministry held a solidarity attribution conference under the slogan« crowd strong public-back security and for our military »under the auspices of the Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban and the presence of the President of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary of quitting and representatives of the factions of the Islamic Resistance«.
He praised the interior minister at the conference «the sacrifices made ​​by the Islamic Resistance and the importance of his popular crowd in resolving the battle after the departure of a fatwa religious authority and defendedIraq and its people, especially since dozens inclusion in this crowd on a voluntary basis in order to serve the country ».
He Ghaban that «the achievements and victories achieved by the popular crowd had an impact good, but there are prejudiced views and weak people tried to exploit the crowd name to carry out their crimes against innocent citizens», warned at the same time »of these people who play by the country’s security« stressing »held accountable» .
He said the interior minister said «This conference is the first and will not be the last, but there will be ongoing meetings and committees shared between the Ministry of Interior and factions private resistance«, pointing out that «destined to receive the security file in the capital, Baghdad, in order to enforce the law and the elimination of criminal gangs and activate the security police forces regional agreement with the popular crowd «.
The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had indicated that his government is moving to pull out the army from cities and turn over security to the Interior Ministry, and the local and federal police to be the foundation for the future of policing «.
In the wake of the internal statement issued National Forces Alliance, headed by Osama Najafi and Salim al «The coalition is worried that announced by Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban of an intention to assign militias popular crowd tasks to keep the security situation in the Iraqi capital, said the Coalition statement on the need to bear arms, however, devices Government security.


Barzani discuss with Abadi oil agreement .. commends Bouktoath

Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi counting the interest of Iraq is greater than all, and that the threat of terrorism is a threat to all. Ebadi said in a statement issued by his office yesterday after a meeting with the delegation of the Kurdish led by KRG President Barzani said that «the interest of Iraq is greater than all», adding that «the threat of terrorism is a threat to all of Iraq, which invites us to solve all the problems, we do not believe that there is a problem is solvable, according to the Constitution, justice and fairness ».
Abadi added that «sound foundations pave resolve any problem, and not necessarily all be solved at once, and we need to create the appropriate atmosphere for that.»
For his part, Barzani praised the steps Abadi latter, saying that «the steps that you are making encouraging for all Iraqis, and we aspire to open a new page for the benefit of all of Iraq, not just Kurdistan region», stressing «the presence of the same orientation to the region to solve problems and to develop a clear strategy for solutions ongoing meetings. » Barzani He added that «Iraq is facing the threat of (Daash) terrorist economically and challenge, all of which battle».
The Abadi while attending the parliament session yesterday defended the oil agreement signed by the oil minister and a leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi with the Kurdistan region Finally, considering that this agreement is based on the Constitution and serve all Iraqis. Ebadi said that «the government is committed to the government program with the Kurdistan region».
For his part, stressed Farhad Qadir, a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, told the «Middle East», to visit the Kurdish delegation which includes Vice President of Government of the Territory, Qubad Talabani, and a number of ministers «came in response to the visit of Minister of the Federal Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi to Kurdistan through which to reach oil deal, which is the basic building block in the new relationship between the two sides after years tug ». Unable He added that «this visit could take place earlier but there are procedural obligations of the parties led to the postponement, but with that comes the day in a timely manner; the two parties in the same trench to face the challenges of terrorism,» ,.

Pope: visit to Iraq is not possible now

01/12/2014 3:27
(AP) – Pope Francis announced that he wants to visit Iraq, but this is not currently possible visit because of the security situation in this country.
Pope told reporters on the plane that returned him from Turkey to Rome, “I want to go to Iraq,” and that it “was discussed with the Patriarch (Chaldean) Louis Raphael Sacco” but “at the moment is not possible” because it “could create a serious problem for the Iraqi authorities.” .

He added that in order to visit a refugee camp in Turkey itself, “It was an extra day requires, that is not possible for reasons not related to me alone”, in response to a question about the disappointment caused by the failure of his visit any of the many refugees in Turkey camps during his visit to This country, which lasted from Friday to Sunday.

Asked about the relations between Armenia and Turkey, which refuses to recognize that the massacres of Armenians under the Ottoman Sultanate in 1916 was genocide, the Pope expressed his hope that “open border between Armenia and Turkey.”

He added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “extend a hand” to Armenia send him a letter to the Armenian authorities last year, “which is positive,” adding, “it was the behavior of a few steps on the road to convergence” between the two countries.

Default Kurdistan mortgage solution oil disputes with Baghdad legislation oil and gas law


Default Kurdistan mortgage solution oil disputes with Baghdad legislation oil and gas law

Sunday, November 30, 2014 20:18 Kurdistan mortgage solution oil disputes with Baghdad legislation oil and gas law
GHDAD / Baghdadi News / ..

of the Kurdistan Alliance, said on Sunday that it is possible to solve all the oil differences between Baghdad and Erbil legislation oil and gas law.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Masood Haider Rustam told / Baghdadi News /, “The government has directed all a positive against a common enemy of all.”
“The government has succeeded approached from neighboring countries in a positive way,” noting that “the government is facing financial problems because of the war against” Daash “, but will skip this matter and the existence of competent ministers”.
He pointed out that “the interest of everyone in Iraq, solidarity and resolve differences in the interest of everyone,”

pointing out that “the Kurdistan region agreed with the federal government on the oil file, it is possible to resolve all differences oil legislation oil and gas law.”
Kurdistan Regional Government delegation headed by Barzani and arrived in the capital Baghdad to discuss a number of outstanding issues with the government Alathadah.…JZ-NAkiAe.html

Three presidencies meet in infallible office to discuss the latest developm

AGHDAD / Obelisk: announced the Office of the Vice President Iyad Allawi, Sunday, the start of the meeting of the three presidencies in the Office of the President Fuad Masum, noting that the meeting is to discuss the political and security situation and the visit of a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad.

Allawi’s office said in a press statement received “obelisk” a copy of it, “represented by the heads of the three presidencies Minister Haider al-Abadi, the parliament of the Republic and Salim al-Fuad Masum held, on Thursday evening, a meeting in the office of President of the Republic.”

He added that “this meeting is to discuss the latest developments on the political and security arena, in addition to the visit of a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad.”

Abadi: Iraq is declared bankrupt and its budget within 10 days

pledge from Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, the completion of the general budget of the country for 2015, within ten days, and the reason for the delay attributed to lower oil prices, lower domestic export rates. He Abadi, in a speech during the hosting of the Iraqi Council of Representatives today, that Iraq is now bankrupt, but it suffers from the problem of monetary require reconsideration of the economic strategy, stressing the importance of exploiting the current economic situation for the development of the private sector and encourage investment. For his part, the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, the Council will hold a special meeting to discuss and approve the general budget of the country, during the holiday first legislative term, which begins on Monday and will last months. The Iraqi Council of Ministers failed, on Saturday evening, in the adoption of the General Budget Law for 2015 because of lower oil prices, which was reflected in the allocations and the total amounts.

Daash admits defeat in Mosul


داعش يعترف بخسارته في الموصل
Approved organization “Daash”, Sunday, Petkbdeh big losses in Mosul, killing a large number of “horsemen.
He revealed the organization said in a statement issued what is known as “the media office in the state of Niue,” that “the US airline was able to monitor the Mujahideen phones and track their movements so I decided Daash cut communications and prevent replay.”
He indicated that the international coalition and the Army Aviation mount raids almost daily on the organization “Daash sites,” while the media talked recently about the near-total communications outages in the city of Mosul.