Pope: visit to Iraq is not possible now

01/12/2014 3:27
(AP) – Pope Francis announced that he wants to visit Iraq, but this is not currently possible visit because of the security situation in this country.
Pope told reporters on the plane that returned him from Turkey to Rome, “I want to go to Iraq,” and that it “was discussed with the Patriarch (Chaldean) Louis Raphael Sacco” but “at the moment is not possible” because it “could create a serious problem for the Iraqi authorities.” .

He added that in order to visit a refugee camp in Turkey itself, “It was an extra day requires, that is not possible for reasons not related to me alone”, in response to a question about the disappointment caused by the failure of his visit any of the many refugees in Turkey camps during his visit to This country, which lasted from Friday to Sunday.

Asked about the relations between Armenia and Turkey, which refuses to recognize that the massacres of Armenians under the Ottoman Sultanate in 1916 was genocide, the Pope expressed his hope that “open border between Armenia and Turkey.”

He added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “extend a hand” to Armenia send him a letter to the Armenian authorities last year, “which is positive,” adding, “it was the behavior of a few steps on the road to convergence” between the two countries.


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