Iraqi Interior Minister: Police and militia will take over security in Baghdad

Baghdad « Jerusalem Arab »: raised Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban statement that his ministry is going to receive the security file in the capital, Baghdad, and to assign the militias and the popular crowd security tasks in support of the ministry, raised the reactions of the opposition by Sunni political forces.
The Interior Ministry statement has said «that the ministry held a solidarity attribution conference under the slogan« crowd strong public-back security and for our military »under the auspices of the Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban and the presence of the President of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary of quitting and representatives of the factions of the Islamic Resistance«.
He praised the interior minister at the conference «the sacrifices made ​​by the Islamic Resistance and the importance of his popular crowd in resolving the battle after the departure of a fatwa religious authority and defendedIraq and its people, especially since dozens inclusion in this crowd on a voluntary basis in order to serve the country ».
He Ghaban that «the achievements and victories achieved by the popular crowd had an impact good, but there are prejudiced views and weak people tried to exploit the crowd name to carry out their crimes against innocent citizens», warned at the same time »of these people who play by the country’s security« stressing »held accountable» .
He said the interior minister said «This conference is the first and will not be the last, but there will be ongoing meetings and committees shared between the Ministry of Interior and factions private resistance«, pointing out that «destined to receive the security file in the capital, Baghdad, in order to enforce the law and the elimination of criminal gangs and activate the security police forces regional agreement with the popular crowd «.
The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had indicated that his government is moving to pull out the army from cities and turn over security to the Interior Ministry, and the local and federal police to be the foundation for the future of policing «.
In the wake of the internal statement issued National Forces Alliance, headed by Osama Najafi and Salim al «The coalition is worried that announced by Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban of an intention to assign militias popular crowd tasks to keep the security situation in the Iraqi capital, said the Coalition statement on the need to bear arms, however, devices Government security.

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