Barzani discuss with Abadi oil agreement .. commends Bouktoath

Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi counting the interest of Iraq is greater than all, and that the threat of terrorism is a threat to all. Ebadi said in a statement issued by his office yesterday after a meeting with the delegation of the Kurdish led by KRG President Barzani said that «the interest of Iraq is greater than all», adding that «the threat of terrorism is a threat to all of Iraq, which invites us to solve all the problems, we do not believe that there is a problem is solvable, according to the Constitution, justice and fairness ».
Abadi added that «sound foundations pave resolve any problem, and not necessarily all be solved at once, and we need to create the appropriate atmosphere for that.»
For his part, Barzani praised the steps Abadi latter, saying that «the steps that you are making encouraging for all Iraqis, and we aspire to open a new page for the benefit of all of Iraq, not just Kurdistan region», stressing «the presence of the same orientation to the region to solve problems and to develop a clear strategy for solutions ongoing meetings. » Barzani He added that «Iraq is facing the threat of (Daash) terrorist economically and challenge, all of which battle».
The Abadi while attending the parliament session yesterday defended the oil agreement signed by the oil minister and a leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council, Adel Abdul-Mahdi with the Kurdistan region Finally, considering that this agreement is based on the Constitution and serve all Iraqis. Ebadi said that «the government is committed to the government program with the Kurdistan region».
For his part, stressed Farhad Qadir, a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, told the «Middle East», to visit the Kurdish delegation which includes Vice President of Government of the Territory, Qubad Talabani, and a number of ministers «came in response to the visit of Minister of the Federal Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi to Kurdistan through which to reach oil deal, which is the basic building block in the new relationship between the two sides after years tug ». Unable He added that «this visit could take place earlier but there are procedural obligations of the parties led to the postponement, but with that comes the day in a timely manner; the two parties in the same trench to face the challenges of terrorism,» ,.

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