Shabibi Allawi and surrendered to the Iraqi judiciary in the context of large-Abadi, a plan to clean up the mess al-Maliki

Shabibi Allawi and surrendered to the Iraqi judiciary in the context of large-Abadi, a plan to clean up the mess al-Maliki

28-11-2014 11:15 PM

Iraqi federal judiciary today announced the release of some former officials convicted prosecuted in absentia.

The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman power that ‘some of the convicts who have surrendered and was sentenced in absentia judicial rulings have challenged these sentences and decided to eliminate their release because the charges against them accept bail’.

He pointed out that this decision was made ​​to make room for these ‘guilty’ to provide proof of their innocence of the charges against them.

According to press reports seen by the ‘Agency News’ that the former Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi and former Minister of Communications, Dr. Mohammed Allawi had returned to Baghdad from abroad, having left Iraq over a year ago to avoid arrest because of accusations raised against them in the era of former Prime Minister Vice President of the Republic current Nouri al-Maliki for refusing requests by the Shabibi, including the withdrawal of huge amounts of money from the bank without the House of Representatives approval as part of the economic support for Iran to save it from its economic situation and to avoid the collapse of its official currency rial (Altoman), as well as providing loans to the Syrian regime in an attempt to raise the value of the Syrian pound also save it from collapse .. The Mohammed Allawi, a relative of Iyad Allawi, the current Vice-President of the Republic, leader of the Iraqi National Coalition have been raised against him charges of malicious tampering with public money as a result of standing with Allawi against Maliki.

He has represented Shabibi and Allawi appeared in court in Baghdad during the past two days after he returned to Iraq and surrendered to justice arose competent judge released them on bail with the promise of a fair trial are far from politicization specific to them on 22 of the next month for trial.

The couple arrived at Baghdad International Airport, and it directly to the court and made ​​their presence Bavadthma defense lawyer and immediately eliminate decided to cancel the previous detention order issued against Shabibi Add to overturn the travel ban issued against Mohammed Allawi.

The development came just days after the re-Abadi account to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who was deputy head of the Central Bank of Iraq and was arrested also for refusing to Maliki interventions in the affairs of the Bank and trying to put it under his tutelage, although the Iraqi constitution stipulates that the bank independent body is subject only to the control board Representatives .. He was arrested Maliki incarcerated in jail without trial, but Abadi finally decided to rehabilitate him and appointed as his Special Adviser for Economic Affairs.

To address the other defendants of Iraqi personalities and issues, most of which is out of the country now has the Supreme Judicial Council form a committee comprising seven judges began to reconsider the issues raised against it. These steps have been met with satisfaction in terms of Iraqis considered Shabibi return to Iraq, Allawi part of the new political climate in which many hope his success in correcting the mistakes of the past period.

And there is now a lot of political figures and the other in different disciplines and rightly notes arrest warrant issued on the basis of their criticism of al-Maliki’s policies or refused to obey his orders that it considered these characters violation of the Constitution.

The Iraqi judiciary issued in October (October) 2012, an arrest warrant against the Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and 15 of the central bank’s staff charges may commit financial crimes, according to the claim, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council then where coincided with the issuance of an arrest warrant against the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi and number of his ministry staff as well.

It comes back to mind the various Iraqi figures procedures at the time of detection of the Supreme Judicial Council this week about the existence of a confidential informant 498 liar in Baghdad and refer them to the courts after notifying them of malicious information to the authorities. The head of the Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud said in a statement that there are 498 confidential informant a liar in Baghdad alone, without disclosing the number in all of Iraq’s provinces.

But a source judicially confirmed to the site ‘Elaph’ the presence of 8 thousand confidential informant in Iraq are protected by law and are taking Pablagathm to the authorities with information about people accused of standing against the government or linked to terrorist organizations or other charges and receive all the money from the authorities.

He pointed out that most Akhbarat these informants malicious but unfortunate that thousands of Iraqis being thrust in prison based on these false Alakhbarat provided by confidential informants Pkadah, where the law protects whistleblowers are allowed not to disclose their identities until the trials of the accused were arrested based on Akharriet confidential informant.

The House of Representatives has recently decided to cancel the confidential informant and an end to the law of the big problems that were caused to citizens after being Msalt as a sword on their necks since the fall of the former regime in 2003.

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