Iraqi judiciary exempt from Shabibi and Allawi

Iraqi judiciary exempt from Shabibi and Allawi
Under section: political Dated: November 28, 2014
BAGHDAD / News Network

Iraq declared victory Allawi, a spokeswoman for the National Coalition, led by the vice president for national reconciliation, Iyad Allawi, that the Iraqi judiciary has issued a resolution to cancel the arrest warrant issued against former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi and the decision to cancel the travel ban issued against the former minister of communications Mohammed Klari.oukalt Allawi:

“The Iyad Allawi, based on a draft of genuine national reconciliation agreement and bring things back to order sent to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council,

Medhat al-Mahmoud names of Iraqi officials were sentenced arrest warrants through preside over Maliki’s previous government, and asked him to reconsider cases filed against them
“.waodan Allawi that” the Judicial Council form immediately a committee of

seven judges and reconsidered filed cases against the former Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi and the Governor of the Central Bank of the former Shabibi “,

adding that” Allawi received assurances from the judiciary would not be detained upon arrival Iraq and appearances before eliminate “.utabat” arrived in Baghdad International Airport, and it directly to the court and made their Bavadthma the presence of defense counsel,

and immediately eliminate decided to cancel the previous detention order issued against Shabibi Add to overturn the travel ban issued against Mohammed Allawi,

“pointing out that” all issues that was filed against them a false reports and political targeting “.osdrt against Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi an arrest warrant in 2012

in addition to providing the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi, Maliki’s government resigned from office after al-Maliki decided to refer to dozens of employees of an investigative committee.



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