E programs contribute to speeding up economic reforms

11/27/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi,
in light of the efforts on the application of the government program in the economic fields, especially governance has circles adopted several electronic programs in the completion of the public transactions reduces a lot of corruption and turns Macs into an advanced stage through the reduction
of paper-based transactions and replace Balketronah including saves time,

effort and cost and achieve Aljdoy.oukta Iraq great strides in this area, where the government program and calls came to accelerate the application of electronic programs to enhance the transition to the digitization of information and computerization instead of archived files of paper within the programs to reform the economic and service sectors.

In this regard, said a specialist in the field of electronic technologies Ali unknown In a statement to the “morning” to the needs of citizens are growing to shorten the time and effort in completing transactions in the majority of government departments, especially the Nationality,

Passports and traffic requires shortened the adoption of electronic systems proven to save time and provide the effort and cost to both reviewers and staff alike.

He said the program Government interest in the economic sector to adopt new mechanisms are introducing electronic systems in the sectors of banking and commerce as well as some Interior Ministry departments,

and the Council of Ministers issued earlier payment electronic funds services system time according to the contexts and regulated by the Central Bank.

He is known that Iraq has made ​​a major breakthrough in the field of government E at a time when the challenges of the general situation facing as the process of transition to digitization and computerization of information and data continuously but moving slowly, but he also, but it came to fruition, especially in relation to the issuance of passports to citizens.

He pointed out that the success of e-work between the public and the government is subject to circulate awareness and disseminating Culture handle modern regimes without abuse and irregularities,

stressing that the program would bring to Iraq a qualitative leap in the field of development and openness to the world the adoption of financial and banking advanced systems including facilitate the arrival of investment companies to the country and the implementation of development projects in order to achieve stable Iraqi economy.

He said the possibility of the success of the electronic programs in the sector to adopt Economic generally because Iraq seeks to it as well as provide all the terms and conditions of the ingredients for success,

pointing to the importance of the existence of the will and genuine desire to move from the primitive roads to the computerization of money and information.

The expectation is known to witness the experiment development, stressing that it will meet the success at last being a limit of corruption administrative and eliminate it an ambition Iraq years ago.

so organized at the Ministry of Trade Center introductory lecture on electronic citizen government program CA.IQ by the Department of affairs of citizens and public relations at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers

and in coordination with the Department of Citizens Affairs at the ministry, where I lecture facilitate procedures transactions and an end to handle paperwork and relying on the electronic system in a deal between the citizen and official circles.

He said WFP Executive Director Mohamed Kamel Mohammed in a ministry statement that “this program for the purpose of formation of national ministries working environment and provincial bodies is related to the Ministry to receive citizens’ requests and follow-up.”


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