The government recognizes the amendments to the 2015 budget before submitting them to parliament next Saturday

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -27 November: Council of Ministers approved in a special session held, on Thursday evening, make the necessary amendments to the draft of the proposed budget for 2015 in preparation for submission to the House of Representatives, on Saturday evening next, after the cabinet being reviewed again her.

Said a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that “the Council

Listen to the total width of the assumptions adopted by the Ministry of Finance in the drafting of the budget in both sides of the revenues and expenses in both the investment and operational items, presented by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari. “

The statement added, “The government members discussed the general principles underlying the construction of the budget, especially in the context of securing a transparent relationship with the Kurdistan Regional Government, local governments, based on the perception of realistic data and financial security, and seeks to address the problems raised over the past years.”

According to the statement, “the Prime Minister stressed the importance of conducting the audit on the budget at the level of ministries and provinces to ensure the safety of the customizations details”, adding that “public data contained in the offer made ​​by the Ministry of Finance, reveals the importance of urging ministries to maximize revenues in order to Atneks rate effects Oil on the living situation for the Iraqi people, taking care to sustain the momentum of care for the poor and vulnerable groups in the increase of social protection network efficiency “.anthy (1)


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