Release Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi on bail


Release Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi on bail

183 Show November 27, 2014 9:08
(Independent) … An informed source said that the central bank’s former governor and former Minister of Communications, for example, appeared in court on Wednesday, after a promise that they would receive a fair courts, noting that the judge released them on bail.
He said of the (independent) … today that “Shabibi and Allawi were released on bail and postponed Mgmthma to 22 of the next month.

The Iraqi judiciary issued in November mid-2012, an arrest warrant for Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and 15 of the bank’s employees on suspicion of “committing financial crimes,

” according to a statement of the spokesman for the Judicial Council, and coincided with the issuance of an arrest warrant against the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi, and a number of his ministry staff .

7 thoughts on “Release Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi on bail

  1. IMO, if I were Shabbi, NO WAY I come back to Iraq with out knowing that a plan was in place with Abadi to get me off scott free. Come back just to post bail and maybe stand trail in one of Malikis appointed judges, NO WAY! Something is up and I think I like it!


  2. KJ W. your Right on something is up with Shabs no way would he come back unless he new they are going to declare him innocent..



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