Release Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi on bail


Release Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi on bail

183 Show November 27, 2014 9:08
(Independent) … An informed source said that the central bank’s former governor and former Minister of Communications, for example, appeared in court on Wednesday, after a promise that they would receive a fair courts, noting that the judge released them on bail.
He said of the (independent) … today that “Shabibi and Allawi were released on bail and postponed Mgmthma to 22 of the next month.

The Iraqi judiciary issued in November mid-2012, an arrest warrant for Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and 15 of the bank’s employees on suspicion of “committing financial crimes,

” according to a statement of the spokesman for the Judicial Council, and coincided with the issuance of an arrest warrant against the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi, and a number of his ministry staff .