Abadi, and al-Jubouri, a decision to expel Midhat al-Mahmoud of the head of the Iraqi judiciary

Presidencies taken Iilat of Bmasom, and Abadi, and al-Jubouri, a decision to expel Midhat al-Mahmoud of the head of the Iraqi judiciary, and the decision came following a sentencing on Alwani recommendation from him, despite the desire of al-Abadi of postponed in these difficult circumstances as well as the al-Abadi al-Mahmoud, told this desire , but he was adamant about the verdict, and already the verdict a meeting of Mahmoud Judge Majid al-Araji, and the last was directed not to listen to the voices calling for the postponement of a decision penalty agreed upon in advance right-Alwani.

According to reports from the Judicial Council that this provision has been under pressure from the Chairman Former Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the mystery of subordination Medhat al-Mahmoud him back to the end of 2007 when the Supreme Criminal Court competent issued the trial of the former regime associated with the prime minister symbols of an arrest warrant issued by Judge Ali al-Rubaie, the High Criminal Court judge on the head of the Supreme Judicial Council on charges of enacted laws facilitated the former regime the execution of Iraqi citizens and put them in prison.

Upon receiving a note by the former prime minister was summoned Mahmood to his office, and it is the introductions were last them informed, and I understand then that in front of two roads only two, the first thrown in jail and his trial as one aide of the former regime , and the other to announce the banner of allegiance and absolute obedience to Nuri al-Maliki, has been commendable exposure to illness in the prime minister’s office was taken to Ibn Sina Hospital, and remained lying for two days, and it was visited at night the Prime Minister of the hospital and I understand that one of the sons of this doctrine and can not alienate it, But in contrast commitment Under his direction to open files on some of the opponents of the orientations of them Sunnis or Shiites.

And then gave him the Prime Minister a list of important leaders including Rafie al-Issawi and Moqtada al-Sadr and Chalabi and Bayan Jabr and Osama al-Nujaifi and his brother, the governor of Mosul and another group including ministers, agents, managers, officers and others, and that day and to date Sdro judged Alwani was subject each Mitalbh Nuri al-Maliki.

But what happened after the verdict on Ahmed al-Alwani?! Urgent meeting held by the three presidencies to discuss the fate of the President of the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial discrimination, and other posts extend prevailed upon them thanks to the support of former Prime Minister to him, such as public prosecutors and judicial oversight as well as the weakness of the Iraqi parliament and its inability to legal Federal Court legislation and the Supreme Judicial Council shares largely In the growing grip Mahmood on the judiciary.

The meeting went out the results of the task related to the final agreement to remove Mahdt Mahmood for the judiciary as soon as possible, and agreed on the number of options that are required assignment to retire, and this is less harmful to the commendable options in the case of prevarication is eradicated, as presidents agreed on the need to speed up the removal of follow-Maliki of civil institutions, specifically the Integrity Commission and the Information, Communications and the Iraqi Media Network and system of inspectors general have Antvajo in a statement issued from the same Mahmoud asked his retirement or maybe issue a decision last spends rooting out al-Mahmoud and forwarded to the courts on charges of progress ends execution.



2 thoughts on “Abadi, and al-Jubouri, a decision to expel Midhat al-Mahmoud of the head of the Iraqi judiciary

  1. All of Maliki’s bunch are on the ropes and the dominoes are falling into place. All of the former regime’s people will br locked up or out of the country within days!


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