Kurdistan Parliament issued recommendations for the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad

Twilight News / According to a statement of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, that the members of parliament ratified on Wednesday the proposed project from the committees of industry, energy and natural resources, financial and economic affairs of the Kurdish delegation who intends to go to Baghdad in the coming days.


According to the statement which was received for “Twilight News”, the recommendations provided to try to implement all the proposals contained in the report of the share of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq within the general problems going forward which was prepared by the relevant committees in Parliament, and if not implemented must resort to other points.

And Release Parliament these points that scrape the claim of the Kurdistan Region by 17% of the general Iraqi budget before any out expenses and sovereign ruling, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq to sell all the oil extracted from wells in the region through the pipeline exception of the user to local needs, and be under the control of the Government the region and with the knowledge of the Iraqi government any sense (that the central government will be on the lookout percentage extracted and sold and the price of oil, which sold by the Kurdistan Region oil).

The recommendations also states: that the provincial government within two weeks to submit a bill Kurdistan oil company to the Kurdistan Parliament.

He stressed a statement to Parliament that if these recommendations have not been implemented by the Iraqi government, the province of the right of access to financial rights according to law No. 5 of 2013 and the sale of oil extracted from wells region directly and disbursement of funds as a budget for the province.


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