Deputy Iraqi forces: the three presidencies meeting discussed the issue of al-Alwani

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[Baghdad – where]
MP for the Union of Iraqi strongman Mohamed Karbouli, on Wednesday, said one of the meeting of the three presidencies of the axes on Tuesday to discuss the case of former MP Ahmad al-Alwani.

He Karbouli told all of Iraq [where] that “the process of investigation in the case of former MP Ahmad al-Alwani, dealt with certain political views and is marred by a lot of uncertainty,” noting that “the timing of the issuance of the ruling was misplaced, especially as the clan Alwani joined the clan Almentvdh in Anbar province on Daash terrorist organization. “

He Karbouli “We Anckk Iraqi elimination as far as to question the investigation process, which marred a lot of uncertainty,” he said, adding that “the issue of al-Alwani is a sensitive issue and we demand the trial and fair investigation.”

It is noteworthy that the Central Criminal Court issued Sunday, sentenced to death former MP Ahmad al-Alwani, as pointed out that a distinguishable rule.

Commented parliament speaker Salim al about the judgment of the execution of al-Alwani, said that the reasons for the verdict on al-Alwani, due to follow the legal and judicial foundations. It’s over

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