Abadi plans to come to Parliament before the end of the legislative term

2014/11/27 06:56:32 AM


The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri said the Prime Minister plans to come to the House of Representatives before the end of the legislative term to review the overall conditions in the country, including the subject of the federal fiscal budget.

A statement of the Council on Jubouri as telling during the Presidency of the Parliament meeting with heads of blocs and members of the parliamentary committees to discuss a number of issues related to the work of the Council for the next period “the need to speed up the resolution of the presidencies of the remaining parliamentary committees in order to complement and enhance the legislative work and supervisory work to form a committee to follow up the application and document the political agreement “.

Jubouri said that “the legislative term first according to the Constitution was supposed to end on the 31st of last October but was extended based on the powers of the presidency of the Council for a month out of two months,” noting that “the legislative term ends next Sunday and can not be extended at all, and in If the arrival of the budget from the government to the House of Representatives will be annulled and the legislative recess. “

For his part, called Hamoudi, first deputy chairman of the Council of parliamentary blocs to speed up the resolution of the presidencies of the remaining committees.

The meeting agreed to “consider next Monday, the first day of the legislative recess or canceled in the event of the arrival of the federal financial budget of the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives as well as the agreement to hold a meeting on Thursday to the Presidency of the Council with heads of parliamentary blocs to resolve obstacles to agreement on the presidencies of committees remaining in accordance with prior agreements between the parliamentary blocs. “

The meeting agreed on the formation of a parliamentary committee comprising representatives of all parties to follow the implementation of the political agreement on the names of the members is offered on Thursday to vote on the committee and determine its tasks.


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