Parliament receives 60 government law and restores 400

Published on Wednesday, October 26 2 / November 201400:07

Written by: Mohammed Saleem

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) revealed the House of Representatives decision Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu that Parliament received from the Council of Ministers of 60 law to read and vote on them, pointing out that the Parliament sent to the government, more than 400 law to re-discussed. “

And left the House of Representatives in the previous session a lot of laws to the current session because of political differences, including the producer and consumer law and the law criminalizing the Baath and the law of the Ministry of Industry and others.

He said Ihsanoglu’s ( IMN ) “The laws that have been read in the House of Representatives did not vote on it will revert back to the government according to the Constitution for approval of new and return it to parliament.”

And provided a close political agreement between participating in the government blocks on the government’s commitment to political blocs – and within established limits – to consolidate the foundations of national unity and transmit the spirit of civil peace to move forward with a project of national reconciliation, and complete the requirements for a law of amnesty, and the referral of the law of accountability and justice to the judiciary, as well as the law oil and gas and the rest of the pending legislation.

Sam Haj Open: Muhammad Saleem

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