Received the second installment of the Japanese loan next month

11/26/2014 0:00

Within the $ 4 billion

Baghdad delegates morning

The Ministry of Transport is preparing to receive the second installment of the Japanese loan during the month Almqubl.fima Ministry of Finance confirmed that the total Akiem Japanese loans for the country exceeded four billion dollars.
Media spokesman for the General Company for Ports of Iraq under the Ministry of Transportation spokesman Anmar net explained to delegate the “morning” (Batool al-Hassani), the first installment of the Japanese loan, received by the ministry last year and invested to purchase equipment and machinery as well as the development of part of the ports of Basra, noting that the second installment, amounting to 39 million and 118 000 yen will cover the costs of the reconstruction of the port sector, as part of which will be used to cover the drilling port of Khor Al-Zubair expenses.
For his part, the media source in the Ministry of Finance to the representative of the “morning” (Ahmed Abd Rabbo), the Japanese government of the early support of Iraq’s economy countries by granting soft loans of up repayment rate to 50 years, which will contribute to the implementation of vital projects move the country’s economy. He disclosed that the 19 loans granted to the country exceeded the values ​​of the four billion Dolar.ama head of the advisers in the Cabinet Thamer Ghadhban MacKay referred to the representative of the “morning” (Tariq al), that the committee monitoring the implementation of Japan’s loan projects of more than four billion and 400 million dollars, recently reviewed the progress made by the labor-funded projects amounting to (20) project to support infrastructure in the country, including electricity, water, oil, ports, sanitation and irrigation.


Direct fuel cards distributed among citizens

11/26/2014 0:00

The distribution of billions of liters of fuel during the current year
Baghdad, Qassim Hilfi
Managed distribution of Baghdad Authority, a subsidiary of the distribution of petroleum products from the distribution of billions of liters of oil derivatives, at a time when fuel card distributed to citizens across embarked agents share Altamonah.
The director of the distribution of body Baghdad morning well-kept »Sabah»: Complete Oil Products Distribution Company Print fuel card and began to distribute them among the agents of food supplies in Rusafa across three centers for distribution among the citizens due to the presence of high population density where, also opened a center in the Karkh district.
He noted that the completion of the delivery of the cards to citizens will end before the end of this month and will be distributed by the White oil quota previously by 50 liters per card per month from the beginning of next month.
He maintained that the company was keen to print the fuel card is better than last year, and in ways that are good immunization to prevent forgery, indicating that the stock of white substance that oil processed on a monthly basis according to the cards fully available in the company’s warehouses.
Director of the Commission explained that the company relied on the Ministry of Commerce and cards ration of such information and spoke information on according to the new updates that occur upon and added and the abolition of the deceased passenger and immigrant part, stressing that the citizen who chopped newly card or extracted new review company provides card fuel, and that got a problem can submit a request to the Ministry of Trade and give him turn the book supports the presence on the database and gives them a fuel card.
In regard to the connected, said Hafiz that the Commission has provided of its efforts to provide displaced people and displaced depending on the stats Baghdad Provincial Council in agreement with the ministry adopted lists the number of families and whereabouts Accordingly began liquid gas distribution and White Oil process between displaced families and destroyed after the appointment of the centers and stations that receive which, while trucks and sent tanks equip them with legally quotas allocated to them to remote areas in the outskirts of Baghdad, such as Abu Ghraib.

Smart cards for displaced families and coverage subsidies

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Baghdad delegates morning
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to introduce young people displaced within the labor market in Albulad.ufema included eligible including subsidies protection network, the Ministry of Planning confirmed that a survey of displaced will provide accurate data on the size of the unemployed, including economic situation and Alajtmaih.mder the Social Welfare Department in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Salem Abdul Sahib between delegate «morning» (Batool al-Hassani), that the department included eligible displaced families subsidies protection network through field teams, stressing the ministry has sought to expand the field considered poor families for inclusion salaries, direct grant of smart cards for the displaced from beneficiaries his part, declaring , articulated media source in the operating loans department in the ministry »Sabah» direct registration of displaced persons within their data for the unemployed and depending on where they settled in to incarcerate them training courses within the Department of vocational training in Iraq, giving them the skills centers base their situation had improved his part, Chairman of the displaced said and immigrants in the municipal council to conclusively Sadr City, Qassim Abdul-Zahra to delegate «morning» (Jinan Asadi), that the Red Cross expressed their willingness to implement income-generating projects for displaced people to help them improve their level, revealing that the number of families registered them within the city reached 1305 Aaúlat.fa the same context, the head of the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Ministry of Planning Zia Awad delegate »Sabah» (Ahmed Abd Rabbo), the device will start next month the implementation of the Economic and Social Survey for the displaced families in all provinces, including Kurdistan, noting that the survey will provide an integrated base for their positions to provide different services as needed, in addition to stand on the size of unemployment among the staff and the rest of the slides in order to provide job opportunities for them.

Three presidencies looking political and security developments

12:20: 11/26/2014

Khandan – held Fuad Masum, the President and the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday evening (25-11-2014) joint meeting, at the headquarters of the presidency.

Information Office of the Prime Minister and Haider al-Abadi said in a statement, that the meeting of the three presidencies discussed the overall political and security developments.

The statement added that he was in the meeting, they discussed steps to accomplish the government program of political and document the stages of lifting the financial budget of the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives.

President stresses improving life conditions of displaced citizens


Baghdad (AIN) –The President, Foud Masoum, hosted Dawood Junday Salman and the Sheikh Khadeda Murad, for Sinjar Protection Forces at Salam Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday.

The media office of the Presidency of the State reported in a statement received by All Iraq News Agency ”The meeting touched on security and humanitarian situations in Sinjar as well as the conditions of displaced people since they suffer hard living conditions.”

”Masoum assured his understanding for the situation of displaced people where he assured intervening to help them in cooperation with the concerned authorities,” the statement concluded. \End\

Bayati denies swapping prisoners with Saudi Arabia


Baghdad (AIN) –The member of the Iraqi National Alliance, Abbas al-Bayati, denied swapping prisoners between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

He stated to AIN “The visits of the Iraqi delegations to Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries came to consolidate bilateral relations.”

“The visits aim at to enlarge the front that fights the Islamic State of Iraq and Levantterrorists and to enhance regional security,” he concluded. /End/