Iraqi politicians opposed to the death sentence against Sunni lawmaker Ahmed al-Alwani

Baghdad Ibrahim Saleh called Osama Najafi Iraqi Vice President Fuad Masum, the need to address the death sentence against former MP Ahmed al-Alwani, in accordance with the norms and the law, taking into account the role of clan Alboalon in the battle against terrorism.
A statement issued by the Iraqi Vice President’s office, that Najafi eat during a meeting gathered Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday evening the first Monday, the death sentence against former Deputy-Alwani, pointing out that the vice president stressed the importance of access to solutions «consistent with justice and law and take into Alboalon account the role of the clan in the battle against terrorism ».
In a related development, according to a statement issued by another Najafi’s office on Tuesday also, the Vice President of the Republic received the US ambassador toIraq, Stuart Jones, the presence of a number of deputies, two sides discussed during the meeting, the sentencing of the Attorney-Alwani. The participants felt, according to the statement itself, that the bad timing that judgment was made on Alwani does not support confrontation with terrorism conditions.
Issued the Iraqi Central Criminal Court, last Sunday, a death sentence against the Sunni leader and former MP Ahmed al-Alwani, after being convicted of «murder», according to a judicial source pointed out that the judgment is subject to appeal. In turn, considered two blocks Snetan in Iraq, the death sentence against al-Alwani, «an attempt to weaken the popular enthusiasm for Sunni Arabs in the face of the organization Daash».
A joint statement issued by the «Alliance of Iraqi forces» and »National Coalition», reached the agency «Anatolia» copy of it, that «in the time that we were waiting for the application for the formation of the current government, including ending the political targeting, which took place for the symbols and leaders of political files Political Agreement during the previous period and surprise our audience today the issuance of a decision the death sentence against al-Alwani. »
He also added, «We call on Bashaúrna valiant not be dragged to this deliberate scheme, and to keep their eyes towards the fighter Daash organization keeps its fingers on the trigger weapons.» For his part, expressed surprise at Ahmed Jarba MP for the coalition forces of Iraq (Sunni), in a statement from his office, the verdict against al-Alwani, calling on the Iraqi judiciary and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to reconsider its «appreciation of the efforts of al-Alwani clan in the face of terrorism».
Jarba also surprised at the selection this time for the issuance of private judgment in light of the security situation of the Iraq General and Anbar province (west) private.
He believed that the situation in Iraq «intolerable provocation or more relapses private Aldoaash that the risk is not over and the challenges are still great and clan Alboalon stand bulwark with tribesmen and security agencies to repel the danger in Anbar.»
He called Jarba, according to the statement, that «the government and the judiciary to deal rationally with especially with regard to political or tribal symbols at a time when we desperately need to unite and push sedition sensitive issues for our people», as he put it.
And Ahmed Suleiman al-Alwani, 45, a resident of Ramadi, Anbar province, who holds a doctorate in geology from the Faculty of Science, University of Baghdad, and a member of the Iraqi parliament for two sessions since 2005 to 2014, a prominent figure clan Alboalon one of the most prominent clans Sunni Arabs in Anbar.
Were charged with murder and manslaughter to Alwani, after he and his bodyguards clashed arms with a combined force of the army and the forces of emergency «Swat» (Ministry of Interior), the end of last year, when he wanted to force the brother of al-Alwani arrest in Anbar.
Killed during the clashes, the brother of MP Ali al-Alwani and wounding his cousin in addition to 15 others of his bodyguards and members of his family were arrested in the end and took him to Baghdad, although it was then a deputy in the parliament.
The Alwani prominent Sunni leaders, which topped the scene of protests continued for long months since late 2012 until the end of 2013, against the government’s policies, which was led by Nuri al-Maliki, the current Vice-President of the Republic. At the time, the Iraqi government said that the arrest of the Sunni leadership process came «within the restoration of security and stability and the follow-up organizations plan Qaeda and wanted prosecuted in Anbar province. »
According to a government statement at the time, stating that the force was heading for the implementation of the right of the accused is required to issues and crimes «terrorist» named Ali Suleiman al-Alwani injunction (brother of Ahmed al-Alwani), was hit heavy fire from various weapons by Ahmed al-Alwani and his brother accused the required judicial and personal Hamayatem ».

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