Iran criticizes Maliki’s policy of “sectarian”

Iran criticizes Maliki’s policy of “sectarian” By Rustam Sarkawt 9 hours ago


Roudao – Agencies

Criticized the Iranian Foreign Ministry adviser, Mohammad Ali Sobhani, on Tuesday, Vice President, Nuri al-Maliki’s policy, which claimed the country into the quagmire of sectarian wars.

He accused Sobhani, al-Maliki for his followers politicians sectarian during his presidency to the government, which led to the provision of incubator and pave a fertile ground for the organization of the Islamic state Daash, noting that the poor living conditions and economic and social problems and lack of services taking place in Iraq, in addition to sectarian policies followed by the al-Maliki led to the formation popular base for the emergence of “Islamic state” Daash in the region.

He Sobhani, that “the organization Daash took advantage of the weakness of the Iraqi government as an opportunity to take advantage of emerging strongly, saying that if it does not Nuri al-Maliki policy ouster and the marginalization of the Sunni component being subjected to injustice, what available this opportunity in front of Daash, referring to the control of the organization Daash over vast areas of the country starting from Mosul Diyala and ending without a fight little, so as to build a bridge between him and the confidence of the sons of this component and promises to avenge them.

The former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was pursuing policies toward the Sunni component, which was often Mataathm as drawn from Iran, which was characterized by their sect and to ignite sectarian strife and the exclusion of a component to another account.



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