Tribal leaders and politicians to refrain from demanding the death sentence Alwani

Ahmed al-Alwani

After the announcement of the criminal court in Baghdad sentenced to death Deputy Dr. Ahmed al-Alwani, even the Sunni public began his campaigns in disapproval and rejection and condemnation across social networking sites, and the elders and the families of the Albu Alwan and politicians n and others have called for the central government to reverse that judgment and to release him, and condemning militias crimes.

In a statement to the clan Alboalon published as a bar photographer across social networking sites, and I followed motionless, that the clan was surprised the news of the death sentences for Alwani, at the same time provide the clan hand with the government to fight “terrorism” and Daash, and we hope in this new era to be the law and the state role institutions in the status quo.

The statement added that: the clan name and on behalf of the Anbar tribes and clans gray, rejects and condemns the decision of the criminal court in Baghdad after issuing a death sentence MP Dr. Ahmed al-Alwani.

Clan AlboalonIssued tribal elders and notables of Nineveh province, a statement about the incident: “We hold all the responsibility of the central government to silence towards the work carried out by what is known as the popular crowd demand the prime minister, the immediate release of Ahmed al-Alwani and abstention from falsehood Sdro death sentence against him.”

For their part, said coalition forces and national coalition in a joint statement issued them that “in the time that we were waiting for the application for the formation of the current government, including an end to the political targeting files that were the symbols and political leaders during the previous period of political agreement, surprised the audience by a decision the death sentence Former MP Ahmed al-Alwani, despite promises made ​​by us both the previous and current governments to dissolve the subject away from the political pressure brought to bear and applied to the judiciary. ‘

And Aodho that ‘the execution order against al-Alwani is part of the scheme depraved still happening on the ground in Diyala, Baghdad and Salah al-Din and the other is in the process of demographic change sectarian nature through acts of murder, kidnapping and financial extortion, displacement and the seizure of property by the militia under the banner of the face Daash’.

Popular movement has issued a statement about the incident, said in a statement: “the popular movement in Iraq is demanding the release of Dr. Ahmed al-Alwani and other innocent detainees, and is sentenced to death is a continuation of the approach of sectarian exclusion and consecration of injustice taken by al-Maliki slogan him and led the country into the abyss also calls politicians to take a firm stance towards the target symbols arbitrarily and blatant. “

-Ahmed Al-AlwaniIt also launched hundreds of loving and young Iraqi Sunnis, solidarity across social networking campaign, expressing their disapproval and rejection of the court’s decision, issued by virtue of penalty against Alwani sites, which they saw as a judgment void, and demanding his immediate release and reverse the judgment.

And has some pages across Facebook, announced the launch of a campaign # Klna_ahmad_alalona, and invite young people a year to solidarity in the campaign and “lovers MP Hero – may Allah free him – to change their profile picture, and give their opinion in condemnation and rejection to deliver their voices to the international human rights bodies.” .

The Criminal Court of Baghdad, issued yesterday, the death sentence against al-Alwani and accused of premeditated murder,
He indicated that the MP Ahmad Awani had been arrested by government forces on 28 December 2013 in the city of Ramadi, Anbar province, after breaking into his home and killed his brother and a number of others Hamayate

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