Statement: DONE Jalawla Peshmerga and the Iraqi army took part in the liberation of them Saadia


Twilight News / The Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Region of Iraq on Monday that its troops liberated Jalawla of Daash while involved with the Iraqi army forces in the liberation of Saadia hand in Diyala province.

altThe Kurdish and Iraqi forces on Sunday, having reclaimed terms of grip Daash in a lightning attack on two towns them feuding between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region.

Team Jabbar Yawar, Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga, said in a statement reported for “Twilight News” that “it was the dawn of yesterday, the implementation of the attack on terrorists sites Daash in my part of Jalawla and Saadia, according placed and the court properly plan, was before noon the same day edit both” .

“During this very important process, the swarm of Albeshmrگh brave troops gave their lives blessed scapegoat for this brilliant victory and another squadron were injured”, without specifying how many.

Yawar pointed out that “the liberalization of Jalawla only been by Albeshmrگh forces and the protection of other Kurdistan Region, in terms of Saadia was edited in conjunction with the Iraqi government, the federal military forces.”

The Peshmerga has lost Jalawla last August when Daash swept under the control of Kurdish forces areas. While the militants, who controlled the Saadia through June attack when they tightened their grip on most of northern and western Iraq.

Since that time, Kurdish forces regained about 70 percent of the areas that lost Joey attribution by international forces led by the United States.


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