Salaries of employees affected by lower oil

رواتب الموظفين تتأثر بإنخفاض النفط

Called and former oil minister and the National Alliance MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, Parliament to calculate the price of a barrel of oil at $ 65 in the budget year 2015, in order to avoid crises in the different prices. Uloum said that “the decline in oil prices and a decline in the country’s exports have caused a deficit in the 2014 budget year amounted to 27 trillion dinars, adding that the government did not conquer him only 25 percent and is looking for other sources to cover the deficit.” He added that the ministers of finance, oil and planning, stressed that the government will not affect employees’ salaries or any other belonging to the citizen despite austerity announced by the State and the financial crisis experienced by the country, expected to continue to decline until next year. He said Deputy Oil prices in the budget year 2015, must be based on an objective estimate the price per barrel to $ 65 per card export prices up to three million barrels a day, demanding to reduce petty ministries, collectibles allocations of special grades and ministers as ways to reduce expenses and bridging the deficit.


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