US agree on the face of Turkish Daash


ANKARA (AFP) met with US Vice President Joe Biden yesterday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to persuade him to his country’s accession to the alliance of the anti-jihadists in Syria and Iraq, where the organization waging a new offensive against the Islamic state. Biden arrived the day before yesterday evening to Istanbul, the last leg of his trip to Morocco and Ukraine, against the backdrop of deep differences between Washington and Ankara, the two members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, about strategic Ouluethma in Syria. After being cast in the morning speeches, Biden will meet Erdogan on a lunch, the meeting is important during a visit to Istanbul, which takes three days. During dinner on Friday night played down Biden Turkish and Islamic-conservative Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu to journalists of the importance of the tension that impact on their relations in the past few weeks. Biden said, “We have been friends for a long time and the benefits of visiting Turkey friendly country, a member of the Atlantic Alliance to be always in a very frank.” He added, “We faced some very difficult issues in the region and the world and we were always on the agreement.” And an effort to improve the atmosphere, Biden tried to give a tinge of humor, saying regarding the appointment Ihsanoglu as prime minister in August after he was foreign minister, “We have received an upgrade while still vice president!”. Ihsanoglu stressed on the “depth” of relations between the two countries, saying that Biden’s visit “very important for us.” At the conclusion of the meeting, the White House stressed that the two countries agree on a “need to hit and defeat al Islamic state and to work to achieve a transition process in Syria and support the Iraqi security forces and the Syrian opposition moderate”. In essence, the position of the two countries remains very mixed. Unlike the United States, Turkey refuses to provide any military assistance to the Kurdish forces that defend the Syrian Kobanî city besieged for more than two months before the jihadists. As a result of pressure from allies and criticism of Turkey allowed over 150 fighters on its territory from the peshmerga came from Iraq. Ankara believes that the raids by US-led international coalition is not sufficient and that the jihadist threat is not only the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Davutoglu said Friday, “in Syria can not be peace through the destruction of a terrorist organization in a section of the country and allow the system to Damascus in another section extermination of his people.” And stipulated that the Turkish government before its accession to the international coalition to establish a buffer zone and a no-fly zone along the border with Syria. But that has not been heard yet. A senior US official before the arrival of Biden to Turkey, “it means .. I think it would be better to focus on goals rather than the means.” Unlike the Turks, Americans focus on the fight against the jihadists. He said the US official, “We agree with the Turks on the need for a transitional process in Syria at the end of the day without Assad.” “But now remain our absolute priority in Iraq and Syria, defeating al-Islamic state.” And on the ground to launch a new offensive against the jihadists in Iraq’s western Anbar province, the border with Syria to seize the city of Ramadi (100 km west of Baghdad), one of the last cities that are not part still under the control of the Iraqi army. And control of the gray would be a major victory. Alliance launched two raids near Ramadi in the last 72 hours as announced yesterday, the first American in charge of the area of leadership.


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