The private sector

11/23/2014 0:00

Yasser incumbent

Finally there is a glimmer of hope has become the private sector to take its share of running the economic file and the leadership of the production process after a long wait of more than eleven years, where the government program focused on the door in several paragraphs paved the way for the adoption of this done.

Eight synonymous decisions issued by the government of al-Abadi supports this trend, which included the privatization of companies and the formation of high-level committees for this purpose as well as the reception of the Prime Minister of businessmen and urged them to play their role required in the construction and development, both in Baghdad Awatina visit to Oman.

These signals reflect the faith boycotted the importance and role of businessmen in economic programs in the country support, and the government’s program included the idea of ​​moving to a market economy, which requires a significant role for the private sector to implement a broad program, and the question that arises here is what is required from the private sector to do for the success of the process this transition?

The private sector is now required more than ever
that live up to the size of these large consolidation of efforts and familiar abilities known and study options and work to attract capital of the Iraqi diaspora and activating the role of true partnership to fulfill the obligations and commitments in the ability to invest and operate factories and plants which will be run it in his custody responsibility a way that secures the rights of workers on the one hand and the provision of local product who is able to accommodate the Iraqi market and before the real competition.

In contrast, the government’s search and means of support for local products through the protection of the product and tariff legal activate and most important consumer protection law being economical syndrome can not work without this line, while requiring the private sector to prove the ability to wheel production and machine factories stalled efficiently and bring technology management Modern production of materials and spare lines.

Eight privatization process must rely court with international standards setting goals that are binding contracts to ensure two things first is the rights of workers and secondly, to get away from trading projects and other property and exploitation in the same jurisdiction and product.

The profit factor Homahrk foundation in the development of production so find departments successful private sector always being sung profit for the sustainability of the work, as well as product development with a view to competition, unlike some public administrations that were not care, and it is important counting the days and received salaries not only here is the heavy legacy of such practices Canvas.

The empty state for these molecules, despite its importance will allow them the opportunity to leave the management of other state related to security and defense of the country and other political and social responsibilities that leave the country for this activity Affairs does not mean abandoning its responsibility but still have the most important role, but a schematic and supervisory and orderly the movement of the market, this experiment may have preceded us by most of the states that have passed the same conditions and during the transitional stages.

Reiterate our call for the private sector to rise to the level of this great responsibility, and aware of the size of the critical stage Amrabha Iraq, which require concerted efforts to achieve the successes required to enhance the victories and achievements.…x%3FID%3D81423


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