Economic Police managed to track down 100 billion dinars .. Iraq looking for employee embezzled 40 billion


22-11-2014 11:07 PM
A source in the province of Baghdad, police said on Saturday, for the largest embezzlement in Iraq, where he disappeared employee after embezzled more than 140 billion dinars (about US $ 120 million), have been identified on the fate of 100 billion dinars (about $ 86 million), of which up to now .
The source said, that the employee, by reservation to be named, turned the amount of fake instruments was reached 100 billion of them, having tracked in four local banks, while still being sought for another 40 billion and employee accused of embezzlement.
The most likely source of converting the remaining amount out of the country and the flight of the employee to the neighboring country by land informally, because of failure to find her name in the lists of travel and aviation.
Any clarification from the Iraqi Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank of Iraq about the incident, and the affected was issued in the event of payment is not stolen retrieval.
Previously, the Association of transparency in Iraq that revealed the corruption of files in Iraqi banks cost the country huge amounts of money, indicating that the embezzlement operations during the era of former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, exceeded 600 billion dinars in several government and community banks.
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