The government sends the budget “2015” to the House of Representatives

15:56 11/19/2014

Decision of the House of Representatives said Imad Youkhana Yako, Wednesday, that the government has promised us to send the budget in 2015 or the beginning of next month mid-December.

And between Yako that “according to the Constitution and the law is supposed to be the next House session is the last session in the legislative term, noting that” there is a paragraph in the event of non-arrival of the budget 2015 to the Parliament can not be for the House of Representatives to begin the legislative Batlth.”

He explained that “the House of Representatives waiting to send balancing the beginning or middle of next month because they promised us, send them and therefore, the parliament will be binding on the continuation of the advantage until the completion of the budget.”

The religious authority called on to San representative, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai on 14 of this month to speed up Bagherarmoisna 2015 as oil prices fell and the face of the deficit to be leaders to speed up and show the necessary flexibility in the estimation of the things the country condoning some of the demands that can be delayed for the last time, noting that the insistence on disrupting this budget means that the harm would befall everyone and lead to the disruption of the country.”

The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that the expected oil price calculated in building the financial budget for 2015 will appreciate to $ 80 per barrel.

“He guessed Abdul-Mahdi during hosted in the House of Representatives hearing yesterday,” the lack of a rapid rise in oil prices during the current period, although and that attempts are being made ​​to ensure the stability of the oil market or to achieve relatively high prices.…586%25D8%25A9-


2 thoughts on “The government sends the budget “2015” to the House of Representatives

  1. De-dollarize all of Iraq, get the budget draft to parliament BY the 15th of Dec., remove corruption in the GOVERNMENT section first, reduce spending, make the Kurds happy, Pass baskets of laws and BAM! January 1,2015 is looking like a Wonderful day! New Year, new rate and a new set of books for the accounts. OPEN THE DOORS OF IRAQ FOR TRADE WITH THE WORLD!
    PS, RV and I’ll be gone like last Sundays paper! ha ha


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