Pentagon announces the imminent arrival of a new batch of American advisers to Iraq



She said the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] Thursday is expected to arrive in Iraq in the next few weeks, some of the additional US troops. “

Said Pentagon spokesman Admiral John Kirby said that “the vanguard of the US force within 1,500 troops will move into Iraq even before the congressional approval of new funding for this special mission to provide advice and training to Iraqi forces in the fight against al Daash.”

He added that “the Pentagon still needs congressional approval of the extra money to carry out that task.”

And announced by US President Barack Obama’s administration in the seventh of this month to send 1,500 more US troops to Iraq to expand advisers mission, and the start of training troops in Baghdad, bringing the number in Iraq to about 3,100 US military.

The Pentagon announced on 8 this month that “the deployment of advisers in Iraq will be completed within six months, handing the centers in a number of areas of Iraq, including Anbar province.”

And reached the first batch of these advisers in 10 of the current month to Anbar.

For its part, the Iraqi government welcomed the sending of these advisers despite being “the last step” renewed rejection of any ground troops Guetalah.anthy

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