Iraqi Kurdistan to prevent the transfer of funds to «Daash»

Kirkuk « Jerusalem Arab »Iraqi Kurdish newspaper revealed that close to the organization Daash in Kirkuk and Arbil, people who transfer the funds to the connector by the currency conversion offices.
She said the newspaper «Hoal» that a portion of this money is contributions and financial assistance, and the profits of some traders who deal with this organization.
The newspaper quoted «Noorzad disappeared,» National Security Director in Kirkuk, as saying: We are doing in collaboration with the Iraqi Intelligence Directorate, and the Directorate of the brave (Kurdish security) in Kirkuk, accurate monitoring of the work of this office, and that the amounts permitted to be send are small amounts that are a salary staff in Mosul and SHIRQAT, the large sums of money had been sent to prevent those areas agent organization benefiting.
Within the same context, the Kurdish security authorities have arrested 11 people suspected of involvement with the trade organization «Daash.»
A security source said to the media, that the «supreme security authorities in the region, has so far arrested 11 people involved with the organization of the so-called trade-Bdaash, in areas close to the Kurdistan region», as described.
He said the source, who declined to be named to that «there is a Kurdish parliamentary committee investigating the case and the results will be submitted soon».
It is noteworthy that one of the news agencies in the Kurdistan region were the names of a number of officials involved trade in oil, gas and vehicles with the regulation has been published for months, while the head of the provincial government Barzani said that dealing with Daash is a national betrayal.


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