Iraq says oil shipments to Turkey include crude from Kirkuk

Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that the oil extracted from the Kirkuk fields is shipped across the infrastructure built by the Kurds with the implementation of an agreement reached with the Kurdistan to end the long dispute over oil revenues.

After years of wrangling entered the Kurds and the central government in Iraq in last week’s agreement gives the Kurds the federal government in Baghdad in which 150 thousand barrels per day, which is equivalent to half of the total exports in return for Baghdad to pay the salaries of public servants Kurdish Fayalmntqh.

Kurds currently pumping 300 thousand barrels per day over the KRG’s pipeline to Turkey.

And damage to the northern Iraqi pipeline Kirkuk-Ceyhan of the Federal Government and signed him to the sectors under the control of an Islamic state in the group earlier this year, which would make it unusable.

And many analysts said that the only possible option to sell its oil through the north of Baghdad, is the use of the pipeline, which was built by the Kurds.

He said that Abdul-Mahdi percent and fifty thousand barrels per day, including some from Kirkuk oil fields.

He said that the Iraqi government allowed the entry of shipments across the Kurdish line as a gesture of goodwill.

He added later that most of this amount still comes from Kirkuk, which is controlled by the Kurds.

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