Conference «convergence clans Iraq» in Erbil calls for tolerance and unity

Mustafa al-Obeidi

Erbil « Quds Al-Arabi »: conclude in Arbil conference under the title« convergence tribes in Iraq »in which representatives of the Iraqi government and the Kurdish and the House of Representatives and a number of Arab and Kurdish tribal clans, within the reconciliation efforts between the components of the Iraqi people.
The conference was held by the Organization Alborznge human development in Erbil, in addition to the participation of tribal representatives from the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq and the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Kurdistan Regional Government and international organizations.
Alaa Makki and threw representative of the President of the Iraqi Republic, in which he said the word «must open a serious and direct dialogue with all should come to terms with the exception of the terrorists in order to engage in the political process and the voluntary confidence-building and re-Insaf affected and displaced persons and the issuance of a general amnesty law.»
He said he should be «modified ablation, accountability and justice and an end to the mop in a responsible manner and foster a spirit of tolerance through education, media and legislation of new laws and regulations that face by the Constitution and reconsider the Terrorism Act as well as the amendment of Article 4 terrorism so as to ensure transparency and integrity trails».
In turn, Adam newborn representative of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives emphasized the need for establishment of the Council of the tribes in Iraq and said «call for activating the role of the tribes in the construction and work where they can have to take the vital role a key pillar in controlling many of the social behaviors of their members are building and completion of a tool to take its role in the construction process ». He said, «We recommend the conference to establish a tribal council comprising Iraqi tribes in order to install a culture of state citizens by directing tribal civil state.»
On his part, said the representative of the United Nations Mission (UNAMI) in Iraq Namik Heydarov that the United Nations Mission in Iraq welcomes the Convention reached by the KRG with the Iraqi government to resolve disputes relating to the budget, and also welcomes all parties to search for solutions to the crisis that benefit all Iraqis because they They have shown great leadership in the necessary time.
He also called on the United Nations representative of all armed parties, including Daash to comply with international humanitarian law and commitment to the protection of citizens and urged all parties to stop human rights violations and to ensure humanitarian access and facilitate their distribution to the displaced or who face violence process.
Mr. Zito Syani member of the preparatory committee of the conference has said that «the aim of the conference is to create a common ground for all Iraqi sects and create a constructive dialogue to reach a common understanding and a common decision and Saeb to restore the spirit of understanding and coexistence to the Iraqi society in all its components.»
In addition to the presence of representatives of the government and the parliament in Baghdad and Erbil, has participated in the conference of Arab and Kurdish tribal figures and a representative of the United Nations Mission in Iraq, and representatives of the Supreme Islamic Council and the Office of the reference Mr. Sarkhi.
The recommendations of the conference stressed the need to overcome differences and achieve convergence between Iraqi tribes, especially the closer they live today is unprecedented because of the risks that threatened the Iraqi people, with the control of the organization Daash many areas.
This conference comes within the calls for national reconciliation among the Iraqi people amid the challenges of radical forces that do not want the good of the country and even track the internal and external agendas threaten the unity and sovereignty and the future of Iraq.

Mustafa al-Obeidi


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