Abdul-Mahdi: Kirkuk oil export pipeline across the region to Turkey

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Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Thursday that “the oil extracted from the Kirkuk fields is shipped across the infrastructure built by the Kurdistan region with Turkey after the implementation of an agreement reached with the Kurdistan” to end the long dispute over oil revenues.

Abdul-Mahdi said that “150 thousand barrels per day, includes some of the oil from the Kirkuk fields,” adding that “the Iraqi government allowed the entry of shipments across the Kurdish line as a gesture of goodwill.”

He added that “most of this quantity still comes from Kirkuk,” controlled by the Kurds. “

After years of disagreements concluded the federal governments and the Kurdistan region in last week’s agreement gives the Kurds the federal government in Baghdad in which 150 thousand barrels per day, which is equivalent to half of the total exports in return for Baghdad to pay civil servants’ salaries in the Kurdish region of $ 500 million has been put into effect two days ago .

Currently, the province is pumping 300 thousand barrels per day over the KRG’s pipeline to Turkey.

And damage to the northern Iraqi pipeline Kirkuk-Ceyhan of the Federal Government and signed parts of it under the control of Daash after the events of last June 10, which make it unusable.

He said many analysts that the only possible option to sell its oil through the north of Baghdad, is the use of the pipeline, which was built by the Kurds to foreign exports in isolation from Baghdad.

The delegation is scheduled to visit the region to Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues resolved and that the visit is likely to be after the return of the federal government delegation from OPEC, which currently conducting meetings “.bhsp Vice Chairman of the Federal Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways office Wednesday Almadi.anthy



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