Abadi: We put an integrated plan for the liberation of the occupied territories

Abadi: We put an integrated plan for the liberation of the occupied territories

Agencies BAGHDAD: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said yesterday that Iraq has shifted from the defensive to the offensive in the context of the conflict with the organization of the Islamic State (formerly Daash) where he was editing and large areas of Iraq. Ebadi said, in a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Ahmed Davutoglu in Baghdad, “we switched from the defensive to the offensive was liberated city of Baiji and other areas, and we are moving integrated plan for the liberation of all lands of control Daash and began the countdown to Daash and upward to Iraqi forces and Daash today is moving towards defeat and cowardice. “

He added, “Turkey made ​​a presentation in support of Iraqi forces and that it would study by the Iraqi side also agreed to develop Iraqi oil exported through the Turkish territory in accordance with international law.”He explained that “the head of the Turkish back stressed the need to preserve Iraq and work together to fight the threat of terrorism.”

Ebadi said, “There are steps for the formation of the National Guard and we have a number of popular crowd Volunteers to fight Daash It is possible to discuss the issue with Turkey to be trained in Turkey, as well as access to weapons from Turkey.” “We in Iraq do not need foreign troops to fight against Daash even need a weapon and that the situation in Syria is complicated and this situation worries us and we want a solution to this tragedy realistically to bring life in Syria and must be a political solution in Syria, and part of what we experience is the formation of Daash in Syria and that the solution to terrorism in general stems from the solution to the problem in Syria. “

For his part, the Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, yesterday, during a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi: The state regulation (Daash) is threatening Iraq and Turkey, pointing out that Turkey is keen on the unity of the Iraqi territory. Davutoglu said that Turkey supports the Iraqi government in order to stabilize the region, and that his country is cooperating with Iraq to confront the “state regulation.”

Turkish Prime Minister pointed out that the solution to the crisis in Syria will ease the threat of terrorism in the region. Ihsanoglu said: “The visit to Iraq is a page for joint cooperation and we are ready to cooperate to combat Daash intelligence and terrorism.”

“We are working with Iraq and Syria against terrorism in Turkey and we have two million Syrian refugees and 200 thousand Iraqi refugees and there is no proof of the elements of Daash passage through the Turkish territory and demand for each of the evidence says that the terrorists passing through Turkish territory.” “The Daash will wipe out of existence, but the Iraqi-Turkish relations will remain.”

“We are ready to cooperate with Iraq and we do not want any security vacuum in Iraq and Syria in order to achieve stability.” He added, “Joe Biden, US Vice President will come to Turkey and we will discuss the situation in Syria, to be a strategy to resolve the situation in Syria and anti-Daash and the elimination of any other organization such as Daash and security vacuum in Syria is the one who created Daash and solve the problem in Syria is not the exit Daash but must of a comprehensive solution in Syria. “ He said, “The international community must pay attention to the situation in Syria and resolving the crisis there.”

The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has arrived in Baghdad earlier in the day for talks with Iraqi officials, in a sign of improved relations between the two countries.



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