US Chief of Staff: War in Iraq “different” this time

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Baghdad: Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey announced that the chances of success of the military operations carried out by his country in Iraq now are much larger than those that followed the invasion of that country in 2003 because the American role this time is the role of supportive national forces.
Dempsey said at a conference in Washington organized by the site “Defense and” electronic “we adopt a different approach,” this time in Iraq.
He added: “Instead of grabbing (the country) and to control it and then transfer power gradually, say (the Iraqis) since the beginning, listen, it’s in your hand, this campaign must be your campaign.”
US General and cited an example of what he says of the incident took place during his recent visit to Iraq at the end of last week, suggesting that the Iraqi army asked the US forces transport equipment by a military cargo plane and dropped by parachute 1,300 military Kurd stationed on Mount Sinjar in the north of the country, but for the commander The US military in Baghdad realized that the Iraqis have the aircraft “C-130 Jay” pilots and instructors are able to perform this task on their own.
“What he did is a field commander, he said (to the Iraqis) clearly + will offer you the experience that Fkaron it, but you have what it takes to perform this task for yourself.”
Gen. Dempsey “he continued, and so on, the only thing that we have presented to them is experience in the operation of a launch system umbrellas”, thus stressing the significant difference between what was done by the US forces after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and is doing today.
He said Dempsey, who was the commander of US forces in Iraq during the previous conflict that Iraqis “are doing what they can do and we close the gaps as we continue to enhance their capabilities.”
US President Barack Obama approved in early November this to send 1,500 more US troops to Iraq to train Iraqi forces, including Kurdish peshmerga forces, to fight state regulation of the radical Islamist, doubling the number of US troops in the country where the United States is leading also international coalition launched air strikes on the jihadists who control large parts of it.
According to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Iraqi forces are “she manages to keep a much better” than the former in the face of the organization of the Islamic state, but “continues to suffer from structural vulnerabilities we have, and it is primarily addressed.”
Gen. Dempsey said, adding with the help of the international coalition, “I think that will continue the achievements on the ground” in the coming months.

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