Union of Forces: the bombing of Erbil failed attempt to stop the victories against the Peshmerga “Daash”

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11/19/2014 20:07

Tomorrow Press / BAGHDAD: Prime condemn the movement of the solution and a member of the leadership of the Union of Iraqi forces, Jamal Karbouli, Wednesday, a suicide bombing in Arbil, stressing that he is a failed attempt to stop the victories against the Peshmerga “Daash.”

Karbouli said in a statement received “tomorrow’s Press,” that “these terrorist acts failed attempts to stop the momentum of victories and progress of the Peshmerga forces in all fronts of fighting and confrontation with the terrorist organization Daash and in retaliation for the losses incurred by its elements are considered.”

Karbouli confirmed “the solidarity of all alliance formations of Iraqi forces with the brothers in Erbil Kurdish leadership in the region to face the common enemy.”

He called the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense to “increase military and information and intelligence coordination with the brothers in the region to prevent the occurrence of new security breaches and miss an opportunity to the terrorist organization to change the compass of confrontation and target depth is relatively stable in northern and southern Iraq in order to break up the power of the resistance efforts and to address the remnants Daash terrorist “.

A suicide car bomber blew himself up, on Wednesday, in the city of Arbil, the capital Christan province, killing five people and wounding 20 others.


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