Iraqi official: al-Maliki and Assad agreed to the request Hide Aalkimawi

Iraqi official: al-Maliki and Assad agreed to the request Hide Aalkimawi

Iraqi official: al-Maliki and Assad agreed to the request Hide Aalkimawi

Former Iraqi Prime Minister arranges with the Syrian president to transfer chemical weapons stocks to Baghdad for storage away from the eyes of international inspectors.

Arm- Damascus

A senior military official in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, revealed a request by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the President of the former Iraqi government, Nouri al-Maliki, in the month of November (November) last year, about the possibility of transferring part of its chemical weapons stocks to Baghdad for storage, removal from the eyes of international inspectors charged with destroying.

The official, who declined to be named, “the new Arab” newspaper, that “al-Maliki agreed to the Syrian demand, and in secret, through the head of military intelligence team Hatem Almksusi, who was sacked a few days ago by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.”

He said the Iraqi official “Almksusi tasked with members of Maliki’s personal office, including the latter’s son, Ahmed, to take over the job.” He explained the source that “al-Maliki agreed to Assad’s request to transfer amounts did not identify, from the arsenal of chemical Syrian weapons to Baghdad, and on a temporary basis, but it is Certainly, if something has already been transferred to Baghdad from these banned weapons. “

Officers to overthrow Maliki

The official predicted that “the repercussions of lead overthrow Abadi officers close to al-Maliki, to reveal more of the secrets of the Iraqi-Syrian relations over the years, the Syrian revolution and the rule of al-Maliki of Iraq.” He pointed out that “Al-Muthanna base (central Baghdad) and the rational base (south of Baghdad), were two female candidates to house the shipment of chemicals, due to severe Thchinhma and Khaddoahma to the direct supervision of Maliki’s office through his son, Ahmed.” He pointed out that “it was confirmed that the information was leaked from an Iraqi military leaders, after the overthrow of Maliki, and that no one would dare traded during the period of his rule.”

He added that “in the end of November (November 2013), al-Assad sent a colonel in the Syrian intelligence, Mohamed Fadel, along with three other officers to Baghdad. Summoned al-Maliki, then a number of those close to him military leaders, to participate in the meeting, in his personal, in the Green Zone , and discussed how to transfer the chemicals through the containers and not in the form of weapons ready, it was agreed to transport all the details of the process. “

However, saying: “We do not know yet if they are actually part of the chemical Syrian arms transfer to Iraq, and it is currently in Baghdad, away from the eyes of the team internationalist, or that the plan was not implemented because of the security implications witnessed Anbar border province with Syria in 28 December (December 2013), which led to cut the road between the two countries, in light of leaks suggest Assad and al-Maliki agreement on the transfer of cargo by road, away from the eyes of international observers at the Damascus International Airport at the time. “

The official adds: “Maliki gave great services to Assad, met with Iranian comfortable and Russia, the service may be one of them conceal chemical weapons, which may need to open an investigation into the matter.”

The Syrian regime had carried out a terrible massacre in the eastern Ghouta in Damascus on 21 August 2013, by rockets loaded with chemicals, killed about 1,400 civilians, according to UN reports.

The US move in like a military operation against the regime, Russia put forward a proposal to dismantle the Syrian chemical arsenal, by experts and inspectors of the United Nations.

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