Hello and Thank You!!

I wanted to quickly make a post and say Thank you for all the folks who read the articles on S4D. In a little over 2 months we have had over 33,000 hits and counting! I also noticed that the site is being viewed Worldwide!
I am happy that many folks are happy to see the articles from today’s top headlines straight from Iraq. The Iraqi’s are a proud strong people coupled with new great leadership that is taking the country to a place of greatness!
I encourage anyone to leave a comment on any article or, under “About Search 4 Dinar & Reader’s Thoughts and Comments” top of the Main page. Especially anyone across the pond! Drop a line and say Hi!
As a final note- you can click “Follow” and; you can get every article that is posted straight to your email inbox.
Again, with humbled thanks,

Ralph (aka) Walter-


19 thoughts on “Hello and Thank You!!

  1. How you doing Ralph? Ilike all the STUFF on here but there seems to be less talking about the articles here than at CC. That could be a good thing. I miss the chance to have a one liner thrown in from time to time. I miss our talks. See you later at some function in the NEAR future. PS, Can you offer the smiley faces on here ? ha ha


    • 🙂 is about all I can do My friend! I hope you are well and keeping them busy and in line over at CC!! LOL!
      I’ll go and drop by Yes, we’ll catch up at some function soon!! I’ll work on better smiley faces, but what do you expect from a free site!! LOL!! 😉


  2. Thanks Ralph for all your hard work ,, Love the site I can come in an read ,, and not read someones tainted opinon on an article ,, there s no winers here ,, and a great positve attitude.

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  3. Hey Ralph! Kudo’s to ya for keeping the site going! Love it that you get so many views… you sure do have a lot of articles I don’t see anywhere else, just wish I knew what some of them meant:) Pop into CC now and then as the folks miss you over there, some of them don’t know about this site. Thanks for you dedication in providing so much info to keep us in the loop!


  4. Radronin,
    Thank you for the VERY informative, easy to read/navigate and low stress website. I am so pleased with the progress being made by Abadi and the GOI, which now is inclusive of the Kurds.
    I have been busy all week and just now catching up. I will keep reading.
    I am searching for any recent indications about the National Reconciliation Meeting. Last I read it was due to occur prior to the end of November. Anything show up about it in the last couple of days?
    Thanks again,
    Mrs. Gorwell

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