Today .. Nechirvan Barzani in Baghdad and the talks are critical to the implementation of the oil agreement between the center

Baghdad / follow-up justice – 11/19/2014 – 1:15 | Hits: 42

An official delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Prime Minister Barzani and a number of officials today begins a visit to the capital, Baghdad,

To complete the oil talks with the federal government and to hold talks on all outstanding, especially the export of oil crisis problems. It is said that the oil minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, had confirmed in a press statement that the application and respect of Baghdad and Erbil agreement on the budget and oil exports will ensure re-exports nearly a million barrels of oil per day to the Treasury, calling for the adoption of the profit Almottagabl policy to compensate for the loss of tens of billions of dollars. That was considered a member of the Human Rights Commission for the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq dry, Baghdad and Erbil agreement on oil exports and the budget as the beginning of the construction phase of the real state of institutions and the consolidation of application of the Constitution on the ground. Dry and called for the enactment of the oil and gas law according to the Constitution to regulate the oil relationship between the federal government and the government of the region, a subsequent step, the last of the agreement, expressing hope that “are steps actual agreement and successive resolve the remaining files drastically not my time as Article 140 and dues of the Peshmerga, to proceed with the application of the principles of equality of rights and duties among all Iraqis “.wachart that” the agreement on oil file will be a springboard to resolve all differences between the parties according to the Constitution as a reference Assayasa for understanding and solving the problems, “calling to” implement the terms of the political agreement that was agreed upon by the political blocs to participate formation Government “. As MP in the Kurdistan Region Parliament hilarious essence, the existence of good intentions to resolve the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil. He said that the essence of the “initial agreement and convergence of views between Baghdad and Erbil did not enter into force until now.” He added that “there are good intentions to resolve all outstanding issues between the province and the center problems.” He emphasized the essence of “the need to vote on the oil and gas law, which ensures that the region’s share in order to solve problems in a drastic way.”


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