Governor of the Central Bank heads the FATF in Bahrain to discuss money laundering

Tuesday November 18, 2014 11:25
Alsumaria News / Baghdad

said the Iraqi Central Bank, on Tuesday, about presided over the province FATF Bahrain to discuss the anti-money laundering issues,

indicating that the session will come out with recommendations to adopt acceptable international standards in this regard.

The bank said in a statement received “Alsumaria News”, a copy of which “The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords presided over the work of the twentieth session of the Financial Action Task Force

(MENAFATF) held in Bahrain to discuss the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing issues,” adding that “the session will last from 16 till 21 of this November.”

The bank said that “the session will come out with recommendations to adopt acceptable international standards in this regard,

as well as any other criteria adopted by the Arab countries to strengthen the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism and the proliferation of arms in the region.”

A report of the Institute of Government in Basel , Switzerland, in September 2014 that Iraq occupied the sixth place globally in terms of highest risk in the fight against money n laundering

“Iraq occupied the sixth largest in the world in the highest risk in the fight against money laundering as the highest risk countries.

The governments of 14 Arab countries had been held in November 30, 2004, a ministerial meeting inManama , Kingdom of Bahrain ,

on Create FATF region Middle East and North Africa in order to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism (MENAFATF) works along the lines of FATF (FATF), was agreed to be the host country is the Kingdom of Bahrain.…9%84-%D8%A7/ar


UN urges ban aircraft and oil tankers bound for the areas “Daash”

18/11/2014 15:41

Tomorrow Press /

Baghdad invited the United Nations, on Tuesday, the confiscation of all the oil tankers traveling from or to areas under the control of terrorist Daash gangs in Iraq and Syria, the areas with the aim of drying finance organization sources from the sale of oil.

and demanded that the United Nations report showed him it “tomorrow Press”, prepared team responsible for the application of sanctions against terrorist organizations, to “prevent flights from or to the controlled Daash areas in order to prevent it from obtaining goods or weapons.

” did not come, the report mentions the routes of these tanks in smuggled oil, but Little Turkey as a major transit route for exports Daash of crude oil before returning the tanks back to Iraq and Syria, loaded this time oil derivatives duplicate.

The report “confirmed the imposition of sanctions can not fully prevent the smuggling, but it is difficult to process provide tanks to Daash and smuggling networks allied with them.”

UN team proposes that “the Security Council asked all member states of the UN border with controlled jihadists areas that are quickly confiscated all tankers and cargoes coming from these areas, or bound to it.

” The report also proposes “ban coming from Syria artifacts trade or Iraq in order to address the looting are increasingly targeting this wealth.…7%D8%AA-%D9%88

MoD: Nassiriya Airport ready to receive civil aircrafts

MoD: Nassiriya Airport ready to receive civil aircrafts
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 20:21

Baghdad (AIN) –The Minister of Defense, Khalid al-Obaidi, stated that Nassiriya Airport is ready to receive the civil aircrafts.

While meeting the Governor of Thi-Qar province, Obaidi requested to “Use the Airport in Imam Ali Military Base for the civil issues such as the civil aircrafts to serve the local government and the Ministry of Defense.” /End/

Launch tomorrow .. retired workers’ salaries

Default Launch tomorrow .. retired workers’ salaries

Launch tomorrow .. retired workers’ salaries
11/18/2014 0:00

Baghdad virgin Hassani launches the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on Wednesday, workers’ salaries retired for the months of September and October for the holders of the smart card in Baghdad and the provinces. said it’s “morning” and Labor Minister Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese,

explaining that the Department of pension and Social Security has completed all the procedures related to the distribution salaries in coordination with banking offices in Baghdad and the provinces.

He said that retired substance who has 30 years of service or more will receive a pension of $ 400 000 dinars for two months, while you will receive a secured retired who has less than 30 years service, 340 000 dinars for two months,

persisting that the retired family of the deceased He has more than
three beneficiaries, will receive 300 000 dinars for two months.

Sudanese added that the retired family of the deceased, consisting of two eligible, you will receive a salary of $ 280 000 dinars for two months, with total what Sttzlmh retired family of the deceased, consisting of one receivable,

the amount of 260 000 dinars for two months, stressing continuation of the ministry procedures provide retirees who secured the more than the 300 000 in Baghdad and the provinces, the smart card.

Baghdad and Erbil agreement paves Is oil a long spring, or …?

Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in Erbil with the head of Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government, BarzaniOil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in Erbil with the head of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government, Barzani

Fatah reached and the Federal Ministry of Oil to an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government recently on oil revenues, the door of optimism tangible improvement in the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, weather and health to resolve the outstanding issues between the two sides. He and oil minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Sabbath, that the oil agreement between the central government and the regional government will raise Iraqi oil production, pointing out that the provincial non-oil producers will get a portion of oil imports to the producing provinces. And that it would achieve justice among all.

The Oil Ministry announced Friday an agreement between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, whereby the federal government transferred $ 500 million to the Government of the Region in the recent development of 150 thousand barrels of crude oil per day at the disposal of the Federal Government.

Oil: the beginning of a comprehensive, just and constitutional solutions

At a time when the Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Thursday (November 13, 2014), for enabling the two sides to reach an agreement to create an equal and comprehensive solution to all outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government problems, considered the Federal Ministry of Oil on Friday that the agreement will not constitute a final solution It opens the way for the start of the development of “a comprehensive, just and constitutional” to all outstanding matters, as pointed out that respect this agreement by both parties will ensure the return of some one million barrels of oil a day to the Treasury. Solutions

In this regard, see the former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said the current political, economic and security environment contributed to reaching an agreement that paves a new phase in the relationship between the two sides. He cautioned Bahr al-Ulum, in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that the success of the agreement is based on the commitment of the parties to apply its provisions, given the need for joint coincided with a significant drop in oil prices in the international market, which adds another element to the feasibility of the agreement.

For his part, the ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, said the agreement comes within the government declared the application to their curriculum and marks the beginning of a solution to the outstanding differences between the center and the region, pointing out that the decline in Iraqi oil exports harms the national economy and thus the economy of the region

He pointed to the Kurdish parliament member Abdul Salam Berwari in touch with Radio Free Iraq that the common perception of federalism and the powers of the province and the federal government, would resolve the differences between the center and the region and to reach a broader agreements.

Between a gesture of goodwill, and external pressures

Kurdish media advisor to the Kurdistan Parliament Tariq essence sees the agreement as a goodwill gesture from Baghdad about the region, believing it to be a preliminary step to resolve other pending issues, and points out in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that the amount of $ 500 million to be paid by the federal government to the province will not cover only half the needed the province to pay its employees’ salaries.

And alert the essence that several files to be resolved and the agreement Kalmoisna and salaries Peshmerga and Kurdish participation in the federal government and other disputed territories, wishing that result in the visit of Prime provincial government Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad for the anticipated positive results in this direction

Despite that, a political analyst Abdul Amir Hungary finds in Baghdad and Erbil agreement is an important step to resolve the dispute and to calm the tension files, but it can alert you to a broader problems contested steps which may encounter in the future objections, either in the region or in the center

Despite hailing the recent agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, but the head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies confident Hashemi does not show significant optimistic based on the demands of the region that the roof is often increased in previous agreements, and often cause things back in the first box says. He pointed to the influence of al-Hashemi pressing external factors that pushed the region to coordinate work with Baghdad, referring in his interview with Radio Free Iraq to the position of the United States and other countries about the legitimacy of the region to export oil without the approval of Baghdad.

The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said in a statement Saturday that the latest agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government is to start by first steps to rebuild confidence and resolve differences in a comprehensive, just and constitutional after the crisis escalated, and formed a rift threatens not economic, security and political interests, but also threatens national unity as well. “

In the meantime, the United Nations welcomed the agreement reached by the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq, saying that the first Manmh.oukal step Representative of the Secretary General of the International Organization in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov said in a statement Friday that this agreement is an important first step towards the creation of a comprehensive and just solution and for all the outstanding constitutional issues, Mhiraely it will now allow employees to receive their salaries in the region, while pointing out that this agreement will make the Kurdistan resume its contribution to the federal budget.

Expert: Crisis does not lead to the development

On the economic side sees expert Majid picture in the oil agreement reciprocal pros between the federal government and the province, and an indication of the awareness of everyone that the crisis does not lead to the construction of the development, and that the agreement would raise the revenues of Iraq’s oil concrete proportions help in the restoration of confusion in the financial situation and new entitlements . He praised the agreement as a step economist reflect the Oil Ministry and the Iraqi government interest in general promotion of the concept of ownership of the oil of the Iraqi people and strengthen the administrative role of the provinces in this aspect

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani said in a press conference in Erbil on atheist th of this month on the best solutions for the region lies in reaching an agreement with the Iraqi government in the oil sector and issues related to export, in order to end the relationship between the two problems, revealing for that Erbil hopes to be exporting 450 000 barrels of oil per day from wells region by the end of this year, and is aiming to increase to 800 thousand barrels per day, the end of next year.

So called economic expert Majid picture to re-oil contracts signed by the federal government with the oil companies as well as the audit participation and service contracts signed by the Kurdistan Regional Government away from Baghdad to assess.

You will always see the spring, the recent agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, Iraqi or shorts such as spring weather? So he asked the President of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies confident Hashemi pointing out that the participation of the Kurds in the political, economic and security the Iraqi decision directly and responsibly, means participation in the full responsibility, especially at the level of the financial crisis facing Iraq today.

Participated in the audio file Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Baghdad, Hazim al-Shara and innocent chaste.

A delegation from the Government of the Territory to Baghdad to resolve the outstanding problems

November 18, 2014

Visiting head of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani Baghdad tomorrow, to complete province and talks about the relationship between the center and a private oil export crisis problems.

And Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, had confirmed that the application and respect of Baghdad and Erbil agreement on the budget and re-exports of oil will ensure that exports nearly a million barrels of oil per day to the Treasury, calling for the adoption of the profit Almottagabl policy to compensate for the loss of tens of billions of dollars.

Updated November 18 2014 | Source: Radio Tigris |

A member of the parliamentary financial stresses the importance of activating the private sector to increase government tax. Sales

b_280_189_16777215_0 ___ images_idoblog_upload_1874_21_6.png


Said the parliamentary Finance Committee member Massoud Haider, Tuesday, on the importance of activating the private sector to increase government tax revenues, pointing to the importance of benefiting from the developed countries to do so.

Said Haider told all of Iraq [where] that “the Finance Committee is considering the experiences of developed countries that fit the situation in Iraq, through the application of e-governance in the areas of tax and customs,” noting that “a lot of goods that enter the country, are not subject to electronic monitoring effective,” pointing that “e-Governance Alkmarki eliminate corruption.”

The more commercial goods that enter the country are not subject to customs tariff system, the exact form, as a result of a lack of e-governance system, which should be voted on by the House of Representatives of the work done by Aovernmh.anthy–2fAxfBK2-cuEoWD6cLzEy2tFA

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