Najafi infallible and discuss arrangements for the meeting of the three presidencies

24 Show November 18, 2014 0:37

Infallible and Najafi

(Independent) .. Search President Fuad Masum, with his deputy, Osama Najafi, Monday afternoon, the main arrangements for the convening of a meeting of the three presidencies and the program, which will discuss it.

Said Najafi office in a statement received (Independent) said the two sides also discussed the political agreement that emerged the government of which required completion by the time the ceilings .. also search the armed forces and the battle fronts and follow the evolution of the confrontation with al Daash terrorist, and the need to support our troops, the brave, with the importance placed stages large to complete the construction of the army and the police, especially in the provinces, which are exposed to terrorism.

View and infallible (according to the statement) results of his visit to Saudi Arabia, a successful outcome would be the development of relations between the two brotherly countries. It was emphasized at the meeting the importance of continuing to visit countries in the region to establish stable relations beneficial to the peoples of the region, and supports the national effort in advancing in various fields .. (end)

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