Asiacell: Internet users will rise 60% ​​as soon as the launch of 3G service early New Year

By the third generation of the signing ceremony, service contracts with mobile phone companies filming (mjm)
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17/11/2014 16:03
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Suggested Asiacell mobile phone, on Monday, rising numbers of Internet users increased by 60% on the company’s network during the year 2015, after “the launch of the third generation service”, and indicated that the third-generation services will enable subscriber access to high-speed Internet services, while confirming that the number of customers reached until the end of the month of September more than 12 million subscribers, pointed to the presence of 19 offices and branches covering all parts of Iraq.

Said Director of Media Relations at the company, Abdullah Hussein, in an interview with the (long-Presse), “The company can provide a vision for its forecast for the growth of Internet users on the ACL network by the end of 2015 compared to the end of 2014,” expected to subscriber ratio rises on service Internet 60% supported the launch of third-generation services and the prevalence of the use of smart phones. “

Hussein added that “the features that will get users ACL after activating third-generation service, will include video calls, as well as watch live TV, and access to high-speed Internet service, and receive emails and download music tracks, as well as all voice calls and messaging services usual also available on your mobile phone.

Hussein made it clear that the “ACL, leading always in use and application of the latest technology to ensure the provision of high quality network of high can our customers rely always on, and for this we are working on the launch of the third generation service beginning in 2015,” noting that “the work of the company for the price of the service focuses on an ongoing basis to provide the best deals for subscribers to Internet services and this trend will continue when and after the launch of third-generation services. “

He pointed Director of Media Relations at the Asia Company torrent that “the company is working to provide the highest network and faster Internet to its subscribers quality with the launch of third-generation services with the latest third-generation versions and as soon as the standard in the world”, pointing out that our subscriber base coincide with the distribution of the population of the Iraqi provinces ratios, We have a common base and wide in all parts of Iraq. “

Hussein stressed that “the company is not currently have any idea about the launch of the fourth generation in the event of any instructions from the government about its launch, the Asiacell will abide by all their efforts.”

Abdullah said that “at the Asia torrent 19 offices and branches covering all Iraqi provinces, and that the company has 19 Retail and 40 Franjayz in all parts of Iraq, as the number of subscribers until the end of last September, about 12 million and 300 thousand subscribers, according to a report provided to us by the Telecommunications Authority and the media. “

And on the complaint of some customers from the large number of messages they receive every day of the Declaration, Abdullah explained that “in spite of promotional messages, one of the best ways to reach subscribers and inform Alert their own, but Asiacell provide service to its subscribers to stop receiving promotional messages, send a message to 4151 and the introduction of (0) To prevent receiving promotional messages. “

The CMC signed in (November 10, 2014) the contract for the launch of 3G third generation service with mobile phone companies working in Iraq, and as shown that the launch of this generation will stimulate economic and technical movement in the country and reduce the cost of using the internet through the phone, confirmed that the Authority wait for months before study the possibility of launching the fourth generation.

The CMC announced, in (November 5, 2014), for the establishment of the three mobile phone companies operating in Iraq to pay the first installment of “3G” service to the body, as revealed she will sign the launch of the service contracts with mobile phone companies the middle of this month, confirmed It will ensure high-speed Internet service and other advantages sophisticated.

The Asian company torrent of mobile phones expected, in (the first of October 2014), that can launch a 3G telecommunications companies to provide services “advanced high-quality” subscribers, anticipated that this will contribute to achieving a “renaissance technique” in Iraq, and the recovery of the national economy . The Association of Information and Communications revealed in (September 26, 2014) from the date of the operation of the third generation of mobile phone companies operating in Iraq in mid-November month license, which would provide high speed internet service for the first time in most cities in the country.

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