Trade Bank of Iraq announces the opening of a new branch in beautiful Baghdad

Trade Bank of Iraq announces the opening of a new branch in beautiful Baghdad

BAGHDAD / Source News / .. announced the Trade Bank of Iraq TBI, Sunday, the opening of the eighth branch of the bank in a nice commercial area east of the capital Baghdad, because they contain a lot of commercial and industrial companies and agencies.

The Associate Director-General of the Bank Fouad agent said in a statement seen by Agency / Source News / “The opening of this branch, which is is the eighth in Baghdad and 21 in Iraq in a nice commercial area in eastern Baghdad, which represents a vital commercial area in the capital, is an important step for the Coordination business process in which, as with a lot of commercial and industrial companies, as well as Arab and international commercial agencies. “

He explained that “this will facilitate the bank a lot of routine operations and complications, as well as reduce the momentum in the rest of the branches,” stressing that “the new branch has a sophisticated banking system and specialized cadres shall be capable of completing the various banking operations” .anthy / 19 T.


Interrogation of al-Mutlaq arrived stages “recent”

استجواب المطلك وصل مراحله

Decision of the House of Representatives said Niazi Ihsanoglu, on Sunday, said that the questioning of Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq as chairman of the Higher Committee for the displaced arrived in its final stages, and that the government did not object to the interrogation.

He said Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, earlier, that there are 32 deputies withdrew their signatures from the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on a sunbed.

Ihsanoglu said that “the interrogation Mutlaq text file in which a number of documents have been reported by supplementing the questioner and delivered to the presidency, and that the interrogation is in its final stages, and the date to be determined this week.”

Some members of the House of Representatives revealed that they have applied for questioning by Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the displaced Saleh al-Mutlaq, against the backdrop of doubts the existence of financial corruption in the funds that are distributed to the displaced issues.

Ihsanoglu said that “the House of Representatives will send questions to al-Mutlaq interrogation for information before setting a date for the questioning and creating their own answers, and that the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives is required to prepare questions MP questioned the interrogation and sent to the person questioned.”

A member of the House of Representatives for the Integrity Commission, Mishan al-Jubouri, it is collecting signatures of about 100 deputy to interrogate al-Mutlaq on corrupted files relating to the work of the Supreme Committee for the relief of displaced headed by al-Mutlaq, commissioned by the government.

Twilight News / Iraq Index ended the trading day, up to the level of 104.64 points, 1.36 points winner by 1.32%.

altThe size of the trading session today has reached about 544.36 million shares worth 657.2 million dinars through 354 transactions Nfzthm shares rose 47 companies where 47 and 4 settled down with 13

Political blocs agree on the presidency of the committees determine the category (a) for a period of two years

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Political blocs agree on the presidency of the committees determine the category (a) for a period of two years

Qurtas News / Baghdad said a parliamentary source, Sunday, that the political blocs agreed to be the committee chairs of the category (a) for a period of two years for each president. The source said in a statement to “Qurtas News”, “Politics blocs agreed to be committee chairs from Category (a) for a period of two years, what would be the period of the presidency of the Committees of the other categories for four years. ” And that “each committee of the category (a) there will be two co-chairs of the two blocks within a coalition or alliance one,” noting that “after the selection of the first President of the Commission will be selected as the new president of another block in the powerful or the Alliance for the presidency of the Commission until the end of the parliamentary session. ” It is noteworthy that the parliamentary committees of the category (a), is, oil and energy, integrity, service, finance, economy and investment, external relations, security and defense, and legal.

The Committee: Member of Kurdistan has not announced its candidate for the presidency of the oil and energy Name

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The Committee: Member of Kurdistan has not announced its candidate for the presidency of the oil and energy Name

BAGHDAD / Source News / … confirmed to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Fatima Salman Zubari, Sunday, that the Kurdistan Alliance, did not announce the name of before for the presidency of the Commission, as explained that the Presidency of the Committee of Kurdistan (PUK) and the parliamentary QNB’s share specifically for a coalition of state law.

She Zubari in an interview told / Source News / “There are some MPs unreached injunction is the one who will chair the Committee by the political bloc,” indicating that “the difference in the House of Representatives and the bloc make them vacillate between the two candidates Iarizabd God Ahmed Mahmoud and Dr. Tarek friend from the Kurdistan Alliance for the presidency of the Commission “.

She noted that “everyone agreed that each deputy of the House of Representatives Committee asks bloc and recognizes the personal that have been agreed upon, because the committee chairs and the prosecution by virtue of becoming a fait accompli through the quota system.”

She added, “As the chairman of the Committee seesaw between coalitions of Kurdistan, national, and each two years we have proposed to nominate members of the committee be named according to the bloc and the election is democracy and transparency within the Commission without restriction recommendations of the blocks very accurately,” pointing out that “the presidency of the Oil and Energy Committee of the Kurdistan share and prosecution of Specifically, the national share of the rule of law. ”

It showed that “members of the committee waiting for tomorrow to give their president.”

And about the failure of the Kurdistan Alliance to agree on a candidate for the presidency of the committee said that “each block find their own maturity to head the committee,” indicating that “the Kurdistan did not announce the name of the presidency before the Commission.”

She concluded her speech by saying that “it may be resolved tomorrow,” stressing “the importance of holding the elections on the candidate to break the barrier of direct appointment by the masses.”

The majority of the Parliamentary Standing Committees have announced today the names of the chairmen and vice-chairmen and rapporteurs of the committees postponed while the Commission on oil and energy announcement and Vice Chairman of the Committee and to the scheduled on Monday. Finished / 19 T.

Mashhadani agreement calls for the strengthening of Baghdad and Erbil, the launch of an inclusive political reconciliation with opponents

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
called the parliamentary National Bloc leader Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, Sunday, to promote the agreement Baghdad and Erbil on the sale of oil to launch a comprehensive reconciliation with opponents of the political process, stressing the need to gain more supporters of the political process. Mashhadani said in a press statement received “Alsumaria News” a copy of it, that “the agreement between the provincial government and the central government on the sale of oil is a positive step, and we hope that the launch of enhanced inclusive political reconciliation with opponents or aggrieved on the political process and not their positions known terrorist organizations.”


He stressed Mashhadani on the need for “positive political climate in which the country currently live in order to gain more supporters of the political process that was born after the April 2003 investment.” and announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, in (November 13, 2014), in an agreement with the Baghdad government to solve the “comprehensive and fair “to the problems between the two sides, stressing that the government of the Federal will pay for the region of $ 500 million, while the transform Government of the Territory of 150 thousand barrels of crude oil per day at the disposal of the federal government. As regarded the Oil Ministry, in (November 14, 2014), that the recent agreement between the the governments in Baghdad and Erbil to resolve differences between the two sides will not constitute a final solution, but opens the way for the start of the development of “a comprehensive, just and constitutional” to all outstanding matters solutions, as pointed out that respect this agreement by both parties will ensure the return of some one million barrels of oil a day to the Treasury.

Government declares bankruptcy treasury Anbar province and calls for accelerating regardless emergency grant

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Altarykh: 11.16.2014 15:50
announced the deputy governor of Anbar Jassim honey, Sunday, about Treasury conservative force on the background of the delay by the government in the adoption of the general budget for the current year, calling on the central government to put pressure on the Ministry of Finance to disburse allocated to the province emergency grant.
Honey said in told / information /, “The Treasury Anbar province, declares bankruptcy, the central government and demanded by clicking on the Ministry of Finance for the purpose allocated to the province by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi amounting to 10 billion Iraqi dinars emergency grant disbursement.”
honey “The local government has appealed to the central government for many times to responding to the request regardless emergency grant, but that the response to this request were not fast, and this is what we fear, especially if the province passes in a very difficult situation. ”
The head of the Anbar Provincial Council Alkrhot morning stated in (November 2 this month) that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi agreed to Emergency grant exchange for the province, amounting to 10 billion dinars.
It is noteworthy that Anbar province is witnessing large-scale military operations engaged by the security forces in various different forms, and the support of the popular crowd and clans and supported directly by the Army Aviation for the expulsion of the elements of the groups “Daash” criminal of some Mahafezh.anthy / 25 h zones