Albjara: Parliament is moving to approve the oil laws, parties and the Federalnh

Albjara: Parliament is moving to approve the oil laws, parties and the Federal
Group: political
Published on Saturday, October 2 / November 15, 2014 18:48
Written by: Muhammad Saleem
Visits: 15
BAGHDAD / center news for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) – MP for united coalition for reform in the WIN coalition


Forces Albjara Nora said, if the House of Reprsentatives is moving to approve oil and gas laws and the parties and the Federal Court; because they relate to document the political agreement.

Showed Albjara’s (IMN), that “these three laws is one of the foundations of the state of economic, political and legal Rtbatadtha in building institutions in the country.” Farewell to “speed the adoption of these laws for the sustainability of the legislative work; because of the transmission of those laws through parliament successive cycles.”

And held the Presidency of the Council of Representatives closed session between them and the heads of political blocs last Wednesday, to develop a schedule for enacting the laws of non-inclusion in the Council, after the transition from the last parliamentary sessions to the current parliamentary session.
From: Firas al-Kadhim, the Open: Muhammad Taib

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