Abadi al-Hakim during his meeting renews its commitment to solving the outstanding problems of the radical accordance with the Constitution and Partnership


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Sunday, October 15 2 / November 2014 08:31

[Baghdad – where]

New Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during a meeting with President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, his commitment to finding a radical solution to all outstanding problems me the federal government according to the constitution and national partnership and justice.

According to Hakim’s media office said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Saturday. ” Hakim received at his office in Baghdad on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and delegation of the Islamic Dawa Party, “noting that the meeting was fruitful and in-depth insights and correspond to a large extent between the wise and the Prime Minister.”

He pointed out that “the meeting, they discussed the Iraqi carefree and conditions of the country’s political and security file and visits Abadi to some neighboring countries, as well as political visits to the neighboring countries and the world, praising the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd, and cooperation with the Arab tribes in the western region in the fighter Daash”, calling for take advantage of the national efforts in the fight against terrorism, and to communicate and perpetuate the meetings, “stressing that” Mr. Abadi pledged to launch the popular crowd salaries and instructed the executive bodies “.

For his part, new Abadi “radical commitment to solving the outstanding problems between the federal government according to the constitution, partnership and justice, noting that” the agreement provides for the release of some of the funds for the region in exchange for delivery of the oil region of the Federal Government. ”

He noted that “preliminary agreement paves the way for a comprehensive agreement and strategic,” noting that “the elements of the agreement are present, including the goodwill,” stressing the completion of the private government curriculum, calling for cooperation between the political blocs in order to complete the program, “stressing the fight against corruption, and his strong interest to make radical changes in the military to be more effective on the ground, pointing out that the “fight against terrorism was a battle and having paid the danger from Baghdad and we are working to liberate all Iraqi territory.”

He noted that “The government has done a lot and imam difficult tasks and battles with corruption and red tape and bureaucracy, the government returned the success of the success of the political blocs and thus the success of the citizen,” pointing to the importance of reform and deal with calls for it. ”

However, that “the elements of reform needs to be reform,” returned the citizen to expect too much from the government, “double responsibility need more communication and meetings,” stressing that “there is a debate with the Minister of the Interior to make changes in its structure and approach.” . Ended

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