US General: Iraq needs 80,000 good troops to retake lost territory


Baghdad (AIN) – Iraq will need about 80,000 effective military troops to retake the terrain it lost to Islamic State militants and restore its border with Syria, the top U.S. general said on Thursday.

“We’re going to need about 80,000 competent Iraqi security forces to recapture territory lost, and eventually the city of Mosul, to restore the border,” Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, told a congressional hearing.

Dempsey said the request for more U.S. forces in Iraq would create centers to help train the additional troops needed. /End/

3 thoughts on “US General: Iraq needs 80,000 good troops to retake lost territory

  1. Just read an article, where Barzani said they would have Daash handled in a short time.
    I think where we keep getting confused, is the US whats these guys gone….Or at least wants them to run back to Syria, so we can take out Assad….
    We forget the ME has lived with these sort of murdering bands of people for Thousands of years…..And they have learned to deal with it…I don’t have an armed g


  2. Oops…
    I don’t have an armed guard at my bank or grocery store…But these people do….Sadly it’s a way of life..
    And I don’t think they expect, to ever truly get rid of them, they just want better containment…..jmo


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