Political optimism in agreement with the Kurdistan region .. and Barzani in Baghdad soon to follow

Political optimism in agreement with the Kurdistan region .. and Barzani in Baghdad soon to follow

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

At the time, Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, which had said that to reach a final agreement will provide Iraq with about 30 additional billion dollars a year, and described the Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives, initial agreement signed Thursday between the federal government and the province on the financial dispute, as “positive”, saying it would open the door to discussion of other files during a visit by Barzani to the capital next week. As revealed about the role of the US has led to reach an agreement, said the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad will discuss ways to repay $ 8 billion is the size of the region’s debt to the federal government.
Go back to that a coalition of state law, “the agreement” as part of the government program agreements, stressing that the salaries of the Peshmerga will be resolved in parallel with the adoption of the National Guard, which will organize volunteer formations in other provinces Act.
The government of Nuri al-Maliki has stopped paying salaries of employees in Kurdistan earlier this year to protest against the export of the Kurdistan region of oil through Turkey. Which he described as the Mahdi said in a statement Friday that the two sides led to the loss of about $ 30 billion as a result of the reluctance of exports and payments, saying that the final settlement will make Iraq beyond this loss.
And concluded talks between Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Barzani agreement required Baghdad to pay $ 500 million to the Government of the Kurdistan salaries of employees in the region for one month, compared to the latter’s commitment to pay 150 thousand barrels per day of oil to Baghdad. ”
The comment Muhsin al-Sadoun, Kurdistan Alliance MP told the “long”, “The new agreement, which took place between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil spend making KRG oil exports are identical with the terms of the provisions of the Constitution in accordance with Article 112, which states that the federal government based oil and gas extracted management from current fields with the governments of producing regions and provinces. ”
Sadoun and adds, “This new agreement will enable the federal government to fill the shortfall in its oil exports caused by terrorist acts that targeted a lot of facilities.”
It describes a member of the parliamentary legal committee visit Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to the Kurdistan region of “positive step which reached these results to resolving many of the problems that have existed since the time of the previous government.”
And pays tribute to the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, “the role played by the US side in the convergence of views between the federal and Kurdistan governments to resolve oil files and the issues of contention,” pointing out that “the Americans have had meetings brokered between the two parties to discuss ways to address all of the errors that occurred earlier with urging them to continue their talks in order to reach a convincing solutions to these files. ”
Sadoun said that “other steps that will follow this new agreement is to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga dues and apply the provisions of Article 140 by the federal government, which will begin discussions at the coming of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Engjirfan Barzani to Baghdad in the coming period.”
In the meantime, said MP Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, a member of a coalition of state law, that “to resolve differences with Kurdistan is part of a national paper that under the terms of the new government was formed,” he said, adding, “Abadi government’s keenness to implement the terms of this paper,” He explained Jafar, In an interview with the “long”, “The new agreement represents a declaration of good intentions by both sides in order to turn the page through the implementation of the government program voted by the House of Representatives and resulted in the formation of the current government.” He noted that “the Kurdistan oil export and according to the new agreement will be through the national SOMO.”
Revealed member bloc coalition of state law that “the visit of the President KRG Barzani to Baghdad would be through this week to complete the negotiations with the federal government,” noting that “the Ministry of Finance recommended sending a sum of money of $ 500 million to the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay employees’ salaries.”
And on the rest of the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, MP “The salaries of the Peshmerga issue related to the approval of the National Guard of the Act before the House of Representatives, who will organize the work of these forces in the region and the rest of the provinces as well as paid,” he says.
In turn, Abdul Qader Mohammad, a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary see, that “the agreement is the first step to resolve other contentious issues between Baghdad and Erbil.”
Shows Mohammed’s “long” that “the allocation of $ 500 million by the federal government to Kurdistan due to the lack of full liquidity with the central government,” adding that “the payment of other amounts ranking pending the government of up to approximately $ 8 billion are subject to improve the financial situation of Iraq. ”
Attention MP for the National Union of Kurdistan block to the “President of the Government of Kurdistan will include a visit to Baghdad to discuss the date of disbursement of these residual amounts, whether in the form of monthly pay ancestor?”.


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