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Operated military transfers and layoffs announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday, public opinion. With his office declared it an attempt to improve security performance, observers confirmed that he is trying to get rid of the legacy of his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki to deport linked by the officers, and will start «clean civil institutions of this legacy soon».

The Abadi decided to allocate ten military leaders to retirement and the appointment of 18 others in new positions, and the exemption of 26 leaders from their positions, including Chief of Staff team Babacar Zebari, the commander of operations in Anbar Lt. General Rashid Falih, and the commander of operations in the Middle Euphrates Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi, and secretary Defense Ministry Lt. Gen. Ibrahim al-Lami, in addition to some team leaders.

Some sources said Lt. Gen. Rashid Khurshid appointed chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Riad Algosaira commander of the ground forces, the successor to Gen. Ali Ghaidan team.

A spokesman for al-Abadi tributary Jabouri «life», that «the General Commander of the Armed Forces decision to exempt a number of leaders and other retirement, aimed at improving military performance», pointed out that «the change was based on the basic criteria most important competence, courage and integrity to ensure that the fight against corruption in military establishment, and it is not easy, it is a big challenge for the new leaders who have to be up to the challenge. »

In addition, a political source told «life», that Abadi «apply the undeclared political agreement, which led to the formation of his government», explained that the agreement «was the knowledge of the United States and regional countries, serving clean military and civil institutions of the legacy of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who was appointed military commanders and civilian officials without the approval of Parliament and continue to serve for years by proxy. »

The source expected that Abadi continue to conduct military, security and administrative changes in most of the state institutions, as a prelude to the introduction of new names to Parliament subject to political consensus, to take up positions and special grades and military leadership teams. He stressed that the military establishment to start a campaign will be followed by dismissals at the Interior Ministry, and intelligence. He said al-Maliki linking military and security institutions and the private office, and that his policies in the selection of leaders weakened hardware and Okhaddatha to the whims of civil servants.

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Author: Syria News Station

Abadi completed to get rid of the corrupt legacy of al-Maliki


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