Sulaimaniya hosts Air Navigation Conference next month with the participation of 60 local and international companies

Sulaymaniyah International Airport
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12/11/2014 20:15
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced Emirati enterprise specialized aeronautical, Wednesday, organizing a conference and exhibition for the Iraqi Airports Sulaymaniyah province next month, as indicated that the conference will see the participation of 60 local and international companies, confirmed the Conference discussion to develop the civil aviation sector and the establishment of new airports in Iraq allocated $ 50 billion, in While president of the Foundation described the Iraqi air navigation market as “solid” despite market challenges.

She Babylon International is UAE institution sponsoring the Fourth Annual Forum of the Conference and Exhibition Iraqi airports in a statement received (range Press), a copy of “Sulaimaniyah province will host a daily 3-4 of next December Air Navigation Conference, which will take place on the land of Sulaymaniyah International Airport.”

She said the organization “will meet at the conference of more than 60 local and international companies with the experts and investors in the field of air navigation to discuss the achievements of the development of the civil aviation sector to modernize and set up new airports in Iraq, which has been allocated a budget estimated at $ 50 billion program.”

UAE institution and indicated that “based on what has been achieved successes in previous annual conferences held in major Iraqi cities, the current annual conference will highlight the best practices used in the control of air navigation lines of devices monitoring for shipping lines, and means of security and navigational safety, with devices backing and electronic maintenance services and management processes with ground processing means. “

The statement quoted the Director General of the Foundation Babylon International is UAE Ram Mziah as saying that “the Iraqi air navigation market is currently offering economic possibilities and wide and remains firm despite recent market challenges,” noting that “infrastructure facilities, air transport has been in Iraq to depreciation after years of neglect, but the government Iraq has a clear vision for the reconstruction of air navigation sector to allocate money for efforts to develop this sector to gain international investor confidence. “

He Mziah that “Iraq is currently witnessing the implementation of airport infrastructure development programs at a time of increasing demand for air travel in the country,” pointing out that “airports in Baghdad, Basra and Arbil, Najaf and Sulaymaniyah witnessing the expansion of operations while being at the same time, the establishment of new airports in areas such as Karbala, Kirkuk and Dohuk. “

The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority revealed, (26 December 2013) for the restoration of “the vital status of” national airspace in the region and the world, having begun receives about 600 different foreign aircraft types per day, indicating that they charge between $ 350-550 dollars for each and every one of them.

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport and signed in the year 2011, a contract worth $ 30 million, with the “British Serco” group to assist in Iraqi airspace management in accordance with international standards and secure air traffic.


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